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Friday, 21st October 2005

Atlantic City, NJ - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Anon

This concert was the best one I have been to. There was no acoustic guitars or guitar solos by themselves. Just the music that all of us Def Leppard fans know and love. I was able to be in the second row of General Admission and that in itself make the show a experience. The whole band sounded great as always. Ricky Warwick was a good opening act. He really kept the crowd energized for Def Leppard.

Fan Review - By Fanfromwayback

The Atlantic City show at the Borgota was the best show I've seen yet! I'm not one to chase tour buses, and I'm only on this site because I am curious about the crowd's response, because I had so much fun! I catch Def Leppard when I can because they are my favorite band, but THIS show was SO special. My husband and I brought our 16 year old son, Noah, who is a musician himself, (lead, bass, and drums) and we have an understanding at our house. I welcome all of his music, as long as it is not obnoxiously offensive, if he, in turn, opens himself up to appreciate the bands who have staying power. He wanted to come, and are SO glad he did. We were on the floor, probably 3 people back, and he just stood there, in observance, like a student. He thought Ricky Warwick was the 'coolest guy he'd ever seen' and marvelled at the fact that, 'Mom, it was just 1 guy and a guitar, and then the dude from Def Leppard came out and played with him, before his own show! That's so incredible!'.

During the Leppard set, he was totally engaged. When Phil came over to our side, apparently, they made eye contact, Noah gave him a head's up, Phil did the same, and it meant SO much to him. My son just stood there and watched. He was in awe of Joe Elliott and how he kept the crowd engaged, through the entire set, and his vocals. He was impressed with how gracious the band was of everyone in the room, and how they covered the entire stage. As a drummer, he wished he could see more of Rick Allen's physical kit, (again, we were on the floor and probably too low to see him drumming) and as a bass player, he thought Sav was the ultimate. Understand that previously Noah has heard this band only in the car, or in the house when I get to play my music, but he really didn't know what to expect. My son wants music in his future, and I hope that it is. I am a high school teacher and I understand the concept of inspiring a teenager. Friday night, we took our son to school! He was, indeed, inspired, and I thank Def Leppard for a fun evening of good music, good inspiration, and my son saying, "Geeze Mom, I didn't get it before, but they were really cool!" Hey, at this point, I'll take 'cool'!.

Fan Review - By Kirstin

Can I just tell you, this show was the best one for me yet! OMG! My friends & I were 3rd row from the stage & you could see everything, the sweat dripping down their faces & Phil's chest! You know, I didn't know that Ricky Warwick was kinda hot! hahaha. I do have to say that Rick Allen always plays with a smile on his face! Everytime we saw him that was this beautiful smile! That is someone who loves his job! There was a little girl in the front row, maybe she was 4, she had flowers for Ricky Warwick & for Joe. Ricky took his when he was finished. When Def Leppard was finished playing, Joe wouldn't take them. Phil came & took them. It kinds shocked me, but I have heard that Joe is not really that friendly. I mean, come on, this is a 4 year old girl!.


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