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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Penny

OMG was this ever an experience!! We got to the venue and the gates opened at 6:30. It was General Admission but we didn't get into the Venue till 7:00. We got lucky and stood just behind some gals standing in front of a big metal fence in front of Viv.

The opening band Stanley Gordon Band wasn't too bad. They sang 'The Jean Genie' which I thought was kinda cool! I don't know the words but like the song! After they were done, a big cloud came overhead with a lot of rain to give out. It was nice that the event staff gave us big black tarps for all of us to hold over our heads. So we held the tarp up and just enjoyed the party under the tarp for probably a good 45 minutes to an hour? Enjoying the tunes then watching the crew squeegee and take towels to wipe up the floor on stage. We watched in horror as the wind kicked up and knocked over some speakers and had some swaying in the wind. But the crew did a great job putting it all back together. The rain finally stopped, we threw the tarps over the fence and the music started again.

Yeah! DL was on stage and we got to stand pretty close. Glad Darren had the setlist cuz my memory failed me again. Brain melt syndrome. But, there was no room to write at all. Some of the people thought there must have been plenty of room up front cuz they would push and we would get smashed. I had to brace my arms on the fence in order to not squish the gal in front of me. Security finally took care of the pushers by pointing there flashlights at them and it did get better but we were still mashed together like sardines. Gotta say it was just another experience! Anyway I was just so happy to see Def Leppard again and to be so close.

I saw a gal that was at the Mankato show. That was nice. We also got to meet some great gals that stood in front of us at the show. My sister came with me and she said that she had never heard so many people at a show singing just as loud as the band. Lol that was one thing that got me hooked in the early 90's and it was and still is Def Leppard IMO that gives the best shows!! All the guys are fun to watch and it's fun to sing along. I was having such a great time, but low and behold the rain decided to start again. We all got drenched!! The boys played in the rain for a few songs and then Joe announced that they had to quit cuz they would get arrested and he didn't want anyone getting hurt. He was so sweet about it!!! Some moans and groans from the audience, as I guess the last time they were in Fargo, they got rained out back then too. Bummer!! But I was glad they didn't risk it. They were so nice and against advice gave us one more song which was PSSOM, then said their goodnights.

Despite the 4 hour drive home, rain, leaving me wet, with floppy curls and all... it did actually turn out to be another super night!!!!.