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Wednesday, 16th April 2003

Roanoke, VA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By KatInVa

First, a big thanks to my husband who got us 5th row tickets!!! It was the first time I have ever been that close at any concert. Of course, I only had to drive 3 hours to get there, but it was worth it!!

Anyway, Ricky Warwick started at 7:30 at played till about 8pm. I thought he did great!! He made some jokes and I could tell that maybe he has a bit of stagefright. He didn't look at the audience very much. Vivian did come join him on stage during the 5th song or so. I believe the song was called "3 sides to every story". Something like that. It was very good. He received a lot of applause from the audience.

On to Def Leppard. They charged on stage at 8:30 sharp. I won't bore you with the set list again, but they did play a bit of "Sweet Home Alabama" right before they broke into "Two Steps Behind". I believe Phil left the stage right before "Sweet Home" and Joe was trying to figure out where his missing person went to. Everybody was on their feet singing every word back to the guys. Even the new songs from "x" were received very well. It sounded like most of the people at least heard "Now" on the radio. Joe did comment that he thought there was more women than men at the show and that he has never seen that much difference before. He said that it looked like there was a 10 women to 1 man ratio. He was quite shocked. Thought that was cute.

The concert was great!! The sound was awesome. The venue was only about three quarters full, but we were loud enough that you thought is was packed!! The guys still have tons of energy. Sav and Joe were running around the small stage constantly. They never slowed down till the encore, but they were back out within minutes.

I have seen them twice before (during the Euphoria tour) and I believe as each one goes by they are getting better and better. Of course, he said there would be a next time, and I plan on being there!!!.


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