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Sunday, 27th July 2003

Portsmouth, VA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Unchainedtiger

DL stormed the Harbor Center Pavilion last night and the nearly sold out audience came back at them with equal intensity. At times roaring so loud that the band had to wait to begin their next song, Joe stated, "We like it here. We'll be back here again...and again...and again!" All age groups were well represented in the audience of diehard fans.

The show opened with Rick Warwick, who is getting better with time. He is much more comfortable with the audience and had a great time playing a selection with Viv.

The band tore onto the stage with the first half of the HND album. They then sang selections from every album since. The only difference in the set list was 'Slang' was added to replace 'Too Late for Love' and 'You're So Beautiful'. A great response from the crowd makes one wonder why they don't usually perform this song and others from this album.

The crowd was especially moved by 'LLWTG' and the fact that it was sung for our men and women overseas as Portsmouth is a Naval town. Joe spoke of being invited to tour a navy ship earlier in the day and the fun the guys and crew had with the flight simulators!

It was obvious that the band had just gotten back from a much deserved rest, as they were all energetically bouncing around the stage (except Rick for obvious reasons. Although he did stand up from his drum seat to acknowledge the cheers from the audience a couple of times). A fun time was had by all and Portsmouth certainly gave the band a reason the have "a next time.".

Fan Review - By Beaglegirl

Where do I start?! Awesome!! The guys came out rockin' and never let up until it was over. It was the High & Dry setlist, plus Slang! It just doesn't get any better than that! We had great seats, and the crowd there was pumped up! It was hot hot hot, in more ways than one! Thank goodness there was a breeze from the water! Someone threw a thong all decorated in stars and stripes up on the stage; it was hiliarious!

The guys were all over the stage, it was worth every mile I drove to get there! Unfortunately, no pictures, cameras were not allowed. But I got one in and took some of Rick & Phil at the BrightStar meet & greet. I hope they come out!.

Fan Review - By Scratchman

Def Leppard is the best group to come out of England since the Beatles. This was my 2nd concert with the guys. The first one was in Roanoke and I thought it was great but this one was 10 times better. The fans were really into the band and they were into us. The electricity in the air was so awesome you could feel it. Joe talked about visiting a ship earlier in the day and talking to some of our troops just back from Iraq. The evening flew by and Joe and Savage remarked how great the crowd was and saying afterward they will be back here again. Def Leppard will live on forever in Portsmouth.


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