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Friday, 24th October 2003

Plymouth, England - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Oddbod

Well, what can I say, I missed Ricky Warwick when I went in February but caught him this time and thought he was very cool.

MusT pleasantly surprised me, the only complaint I would have was that the lead singers hat was a bit out of place! When they started up I was a little worried but the first song was just a slightly shaky start on what was a great set I was very impressed after that.

Def Leppard, were, as ever, fantastic, couldn't tell you the set list as I just get too carried away and it all kind of passes in a blur! I do remember they covered classics such as 'Photograph' and 'Rock of Ages' aswell as performing 'Now' and 'Four Letter Word' off the current album. Was a little disappointed that Long long way didn't get a look in but I guess they'd have to go on for days to cover everyone's favourites, right?! In a nut shell, they were awesome, glad I went and really felt that I got more than my money's worth. Joe said that the band were in the midst of the flu but I can't say it affected their performance, they still got up and gave it their all! It was a great night and when 'next time' comes I'll be right up the front of the queue to get a ticket, It was a top night!!.

Fan Review - By Jayne

A refusal from my boss to have half a day's leave today meant hubby and I didn't leave Portsmouth until 3.30 pm - I wondered whether, with rush hour traffic etc, we would make it in time. It was pretty close! We got to our hotel at 8.30 pm - luckily it was just across the road from the Pavillions.

Typical of hubby - he wanted a "pint and a bag of crisps please" - as we walked into the Pavillions at 8.55 pm!!!! I could hear the Lepps launching into 'Action' as he waited for his pint to be poured and I was now getting a little frantic. Never mind, I thought, only 4 of us on the Def Lepp Forum chatting about Plymouth - won't be a sell out - should be OK. What a shock I got when we got through the doors - it was full to bursting - and the middle of the back seemed to look like a cloning session of a middle-aged man standing - no movement - not even a nodding of the head - with pint of beer held in one hand!

I managed to duck and dive and weave my way through the crowd whilst the Lepps were now playing 'Make Love Like A Man'. I got to around 7-8 rows back albeit on the far left hand side near the speakers. Thank goodness - I was now in a position to jump and dance and throw my arms in the air amongst a crowd full of people all doing the same.

The guys were great - as always - sound was awesome. It seemed as though 'Women' came too early in the set - just a personal feeling, probably because we got there late - but they continued to wow the crowd with some great tracks, including two from 'X' 'Now' and 'Four Letter Word' - Side A of Hysteria - although not in that order: 'Women', 'Rocket', 'Animal', 'Love Bites', 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' and 'Armageddon It' as well as 'Hysteria'. They also played 'Slang', 'When Love & Hate Collide' and the usual '2 Steps Behind' which sees Joe invite the audience not only to join the Lepps in singing this one, but to be the LOUDEST crowd of the tour. Joe announced to a "sell out audience" that they were DEFINTELY the loudest bunch on the tour so far. Hmm I thought - bet he says that to all the audiences! I was wrong, however, as you will see from my Birmingham review. The encore was 'Love Bites' followed by 'Let's Get Rocked'.

The best track of the evening for me was 'Rocket' (although Women is usually my fave) which saw Joe singing 'My Generation' in the middle. It was great to see so many smiles from Viv and also Sav (keep growing the hair Sav - looks fab!), both of whom seemed not quite so smiley back in February.

Didn't get to see any of the support bands but, hey, got another 4 gigs to go - I'll catch them then!

It didn't matter that we arrived late to the gig after all - it was fantastic, full of atmosphere, good crowd. Joe ended by saying they hadn't played Plymouth before but that he would see us all next time "and there will be a next time"! I was already excited about Sunday!.


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