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Saturday, 4th October 2003

Las Vegas, NV, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Brian

WOW is the only word I can use to describe the show at the Joint in Las Vegas. After sitting outside in line from 10am (Some were there as early as 5am) until they let us into the venue at 6:30pm, to waiting for 2 1/2 hours for Ricky Warwick to perform, we were ready to ROCK AND ROLL. Ricky did a tremendous job as always and I know he is going to be a huge success.

But we were all there for Def Leppard. 9pm rolled around and off they went, start with Action and delivering nothing but that the ENTIRE SHOW!! We were in the front row on Phil's side, as this was my first GA show and my first front row for the Leps, it was amazing. Phil is an amazing talent on guitar and just a nice guy to boot. We met him earlier in the casino and he stopped for a picture and was great. Thanks Phil. Also thanks to Rick Allen for a quick hello in the casino as well.

Anyway, the show was worth that wait. They played When Love & Hate Collide for the first time in the states and there were tears flowing in the audience as the die hard fans waited forever to hear that song. With Hysteria, Sugar, Photograph, SLANG and all the favorites, the Leps closed their US tour in style, leaving the fans wanting more. Trust me, when Joe says "See you next time..... and there WILL be a next time, us die-hard fans will hold him to that!.

Fan Review - By Debbie (deflepster)

This last performance was awesome and very special!!! Ricky played for about 30 minutes or so and then the boys came on and played for approximately 2 1/2 hours. I didn't get the set list although all the usual hits were played as well as one song that they have never played on US soil live-When Love and Hate Collide!!! We also got Slanged too! LOL The only X songs played were Now and Four Letter Word.

We didn't have the pleasure of having drinks with the band like at Mandalay Bay. Joe and Sav were in hiding and Phil and Viv were anxious to get back to California.

Fan Review - By Marianne

WOW!! What a show! Las Vegas rocked!! Where to start....well, as soon as I got there I was meeting new people. Was nice to meet you all!! We walked around Vegas for a while, and got to the Joint about 5pm. The line was not too bad, and everyone was in a good mood and ready to get rocked. About 6 they moved the line inside-smart move-one can play slot machines while waiting...lol. The representatives from Raven Drum came around selling raffle tickets, so of course I bought a few. You could win shirts, drumsticks or backstage passes. Besides, the money went to Raven Drum. Finally, we went in, and ended up about 6th row. There was a tall young man in front of me, and he graciously switched spots with me so I could see. **Whoever you were, thanks again!!**

Before Ricky's set, Malvin came out to announce the Raven Drum raffle winners, but not before balancing the paper on his nose. I almost fell over when he called out my name, and that I won backstage passes!! OMG!! I was so happy, and stunned!! (I still am!) Finally Ricky came out,and he was better than ever. I will miss him with Def Leppard, but look forward to seeing him on his own next summer. Def Leppard came out about 9, and opened with Action. What an awesome show. I thought they nailed every song, and Sav was in rare form. The stage was very small, so you could see everything. Phil and Viv rocked, and Rick never stopped smiling, even when Joe joked that maybe he can't hear. Joe sounded great, but I thought maybe his earpiece (or whatever it is) was acting up, I saw him hold his left ear a couple times like it was hurting. When Love & Hate Collide was freaking great, and a nice surprise. Thanks guys!!! They all gave 110% all night and it was a night I will never ever forget. Backstage was upstairs on the balcony, and Rick was so nice. Saw Viv too. Thanks Malvin for taking that pic for me. We met Ricky- I couldn't have been happier, finally got my pic with him. Thanks go out to Raven Drum also, and I can't wait until next time!.

Fan Review - By Lisa T

Well they have done it again. Another amazing show, such high energy and kick ass music. The place was packed the crowd was drinking it all in like a nice cold beer after a long day working in the sun. They played When Love & Hate Collide live for the first time ever in the U.S. Man that was great.

Now my all time favorite song that they do is Hysteria the live version, love that intro. And right now on the radio Foolin' is playing as I type this. Def Leppard just have most incredible chemistry and talent and energy of any band I have ever seen. I was dressed in a short, strapless leopard dress that I bought 2 years ago, just for the event of wearing it to a Def Leppard show. I also lucked out and found the coolest strappy heeled sandles to match it. I was the blond with the really long hair sitting up stairs in the balcony dancing my ass off and singing at the top of my lungs the whole time. Sorry to those of you could not see for my butt swaying in your face. I had to stand on the chair feet pegs so I could see and be able to have the room needed to rock out;)

A fine fine time was had by all. This was the first time that Del Lepp had played Las Vegas twice within 1 year, so really sweet. I can't wait to see them again. Next time I WILL be FRONT and CENTER


Fan Review - By Lisa S

What an awesome experience! The last of the US tour dates was by far the best one! From what I heard Vegas was a sell out! The show was General Admission and I was 4 people back in front of Viv and Sav. The set list was changed up a bit for this show with no High & Dry songs. They started with Action followed by Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) and Too Late For Love if my memory serves me right. Of course they did the obligatory Photograph, Rock of Ages, and Pour Some Sugar On Me. They also surprised us by playing When Love & Hate Collide which threw the crowd into a frenzy! This song has never been done live in the US before! Joe said had they known the response would have been so good to that song they would have done it sooner!

All of the guys looked like they were really into this show. They were all horsing around and laughing! Even Ricky was goofing off on the side of the stage with wardrobe lady, Kristine, during Love Bites, by dancing a Tango and a Polka during the song! Someone flashed the guys and Joe's response was "Nice outfit!" That was kind of funny! There was a fight in the front row area during the acoustic portion of the set and Joe told them basically to stop acting like children and take it outside. You tell 'em Joe! All in all an awesome show!

There was someone video taping the show and the crowd and he told me it was for a future video! Cool! Can't wait to see that! Cameras were allowed for this show so there should be pictures to follow soon!

After the show, Phil, Rick, and Viv came out for autographs and pictures! My friends and I met Joe, Rick, and Ricky inside the hotel, Ricky and Rick before the show and Joe after. Only the ever elusive Sav was no where to be found! All of the guys looked great, but they all said they are ready for their break coming up! Rest up guys and hope to see you all again soon!.


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