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Saturday, 15th November 2003

Katowice, Poland - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Tomasz

I was totally blown away. I couldn't even dream of something like this in my wildest dreams and that's honest. I thought noone could outdo Ozzy and his crazy guitarist Zack Wylde. Now I'm changing my mind becuse they just did it. I'm not quite sure that I can give You the correct setlist because I was busy with singing & jumping quite close to the stage. Never thought I could do it in my thirties. I took some German setlist and cut out of it what I think wasn't played.

I'm almost convinced there wasn't "Rock Rock" played and certainly "Slang" wasn't played. They just played big hits. I don't think there were more than 1,700 people there. It was a little bit depressing because the venue could hold some 9000 people. Joe quickly expressed his words of disappointment of this fact, but it didn't bother him too much because he said they had already gone through this at other gigs. In my opinion tickets were too expensive (25 US$ may be cheap in US, England, Germany but most of the people in Poland have to work let's say 20 hours to earn it) and there was hardly promotion on TV and Radio. I think Joe should go back to playing soccer because he had really grown a little bit fat.

I think the band really enjoyed the show and so did I. I was stood close to Viv and he smiled a lot. They sounded great but Viv talked a lot to sound engineers and I got impression that he wasn't quite happy with the sound of his guitar. Sometimes Viv's face showed something of the kind of weariness, it wasn't routine in my opinion. I think Phil was more vital. He sometimes left his side of the stage to pay a visit to the opposite side while Viv hardly left his side, (maybe on "Rocket" he did it). Joe really sang well and Sav seemed to have a lot of fun. I think no one could see the Thundergod behind his drum kit untill he finally came out from behind it at the end of the show. The drums sounded cool, just left you breathless.

All songs sounded heavier than on LPs. So I liked songs from X. I wish they could be played heavier on the X LP! I loved not only the sound but also these lights - it was amazing and I never saw something like this I swear. At the end of the show Joe said they wouldn't forget us and that there would be a next time. (Personally I don't believe it) Maybe there weren't too many fans at the show but we made a lot of noise. Sometimes we shouted aloud : "Def Leppard, Def Leppard, Def Leppard !". I think there were few people who could sing with the band. They just didn't know the words of the songs. I could hardly hear myself singing. I attracted some attenion being one of the very few who sang. Most of the audience in front of the stage were young people, I mean not older than 20 years, some wearing X, Adrenalize and other DL T-shirts. There were also people who were 30(me),40, 50, 60 years old but most of them kept in safe distance from the stage (me excluded). Part of the audience were IRA (Polish support rock band) fans (wearing IRA T-shirts), and I bet some of them cared more for IRA than DL. The support band had done quite a good job. I know some of their older songs and sang with them as well.


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