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Thursday, 12th June 2003

Evansville, IN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Bruner

I attended the Evansville, IN show Thursday night -and it was ROCKINGLY AWESOME!!! The crowd was estimated about 3,100 -small crowd, but when the Leps came on -the house rocked!! They all looked spectacular!. I had 9th row floor, center aisle. Everyone on the floor stood the entire 2 hours the Leps played. Boy, did my head ever hurt yesterday -haven't felt like that for 15 years or more -it was GREAT! ha!!

Joe was really funny -and the guys really did seem to enjoy the show also. Someone had a sign up that said "Marry me Joe, I have lots of money!". Joe said, "Prove it. I want to see your bank balance, and then I want to see you naked!". They really interacted with the crowd.

Majority of the crowd was probably 30-45 years old, but I was pleased to see some girls in the front row, that looked college-age all decked out in their Union Jack shirts! (one of these people was Michelle (& friend Erin) who sent in the Fan Review on page 2) It was great -to see a lot of people bring their kids. Towards the end of the concert, Joe held up 2 pictures some little kids had drawn for them and that was nice to see! The 2 hours went by so fast! I don't think I have ever screamed, jumped, clapped that much in my life!

I have been a fan since '83, this is my first show and definitely not the last! So glad I went! Had a wonderful time. Hope they come to Evansville again soon! Don't know if any of the guys from the band ever read these reviews -but if you do, just want to say Thank you so much for what you are doing! Boy, did I ever need to get away for a night and be 18 again! Thanks guys -love you!!.

Fan Review - By Pam

The audience was mediocre I'd say... the people in the nosebleeds never stood or anything they just sat there like bumps on a log..which irritates and annoys me to no end! People stand up, move, sing along, do f** something! The guys are out there on that stage, under those lights in that heat, night after night to entertain you and make sure you leave with a smile on your face..show them they've succeeded..for christ's sake!

Ricky Warwick - Ricky was great..I loved it..the audience didn't really get into it until Viv came out and guest appeared on one of his songs and they also let out a little bit of a hoot and held their beer up when two girls brought Ricky up two glasses of beer to which he saluted the audience with and launched into a song. This guy has guts and an amazing voice..it's a shame that most people these days seemed programmed to think that you need a bunch of electric equipment all the time to be good..this is so not true...he was amazing.

Def Leppard - The band came out and everyone where we were stood up for them..I don't know maybe everyone else stood up too but I wouldn't know..I go to a concert to watch the performance and enjoy myself not to watch the crowd and be a critic..so needless to say I didn't pay any attention to the crowd unless Kyle tapped me on the shoulder to show me something.

There was this chick in the second row behind us that kept on trying to push her way into the front row with us but Connie was having none of it..and told her to stay where she belonged! Yay, Connie!!

I personally thought the band sounded amazing..and put on an amazing show...each concert I go to of Def Leppard's keeps on upping itself..They flirted the way they usually do and were really attentive to the fans in the front and especially Lori's daughter Allison..Rick A. kept on smiling at Allison all night and Sav came over and played his bass in front of her a couple of times and Joe also took notice of little Allison and came over and sang to her a couple of lines.

Towards the end of the show Sav came over to our side and threw a handful of guitar pics out to our section but because of the barricade they didn't quite make it out to us, they fell behind the barricade so I bent down and took my hand to feel my way to a pic and just as I reached a pic I felt a tug and it was gone..I stood up figuring I had lost it to someone else and the security guard was standing there with it in his hand and he gave it to me and informed me it was meant for me..so I was very happy and now it's on to Mankato, Moline, Burlington and Rockford. Then we are taking a break and then it's onto Halifax, Moncton, Quebec, Montreal, Sudbury, Toronto and perhaps the Maine and New Hampshire shows as well.

Fan Review - By Michelle

The show opened with a few songs from Ricky Warwick, there were still several empty seats at the very start of the show when Ricky was on. He did a good job getting the audience warmed up, especially on the song that Vivian joined in on!! By the time Ricky was getting to his ending, you could tell the audience was hungry for Def Leppard and the seats filled up just a little bit more. The stadium was over halfway full, but for a Thursday night, I thought they had a good turn out!

When the curtains came down, they rocked the hell out of us with 'Let It Go' Everyone was in perfect form, the band was hot and they were rocking hard, the crowd was excited and cheering. Joe did lots of little tricks with the mic stand throughout the show and was great at making the crowd join in!

Rick Allen the "Thundergod" made the stadium rumble with an awesome play during 'Switch 625' and throughout the whole entire concert had an enormous smile plastered on his face showing that he loves what he does!! Phil was definitely on top that night and his shirt came off after about the fourth or fifth song!! During one of the songs, he slid down to his knees, laid down and was flat on his back with his knees bent out to the side playing away like crazy, before coming back up and sliding his legs in until he was standing again, never missing a note!! The crowd went wild!!!

Vivian was in a hilarious mood!! A woman snuck up to take his picture while he was playing with Ricky Warwick and he smiled and then stuck his tongue out at her!! A friend of mine made a funny face when she saw him take his shirt off and he saw her and he made the same face back at her and was laughing! He made funny faces at the kids in the audience too, he was very delightful to watch and you could tell he was having a blast!! Sav was noticing the kids in the audience too, making sure they knew he saw them, the whole band was great at noticing the younger fans in the audience!! Joe even made the comment that he was happy to see so many children in the audience!!

The band displayed a lot of energy throughout the whole concert and appeared to really be having a lot of fun, and the song selection was GREAT!! They played 'Action' from Retroactive along with 'Two Steps Behind' and also thrilled many in the audience by playing 'Slang' They played seven songs from their Hysteria CD including the song 'Rocket', which was an extended version that gave them all a chance to show their wonderful talents and included Joe Elliott singing a few lines from the song 'Radar Love', the crowd seemed to really enjoy it!! When they ended with 'Rock of Ages', an old favorite of many from their Pyromania days, the crowd was still very hungry for more, so they did an encore with 'Love Bites' and 'Let's Get Rocked'.

(Michelle wanted me to say that she and her friend Erin were the ones mentioned in the first fan review by Bruner: wearing the UJ flag).


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