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Thursday, 27th March 2003

Detroit, MI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By flydutch

Excellent show. Had a great time. It seemed to be an enthusiastic crowd that was especially receptive to songs from X. Def Lep kept the energy up the entire time. Before "Two Steps Behind" Joe was goofing around a bit and played the intro to "Detroit Rock City" on his acoustic. He also asked if we wanted to be "Auburn Hills or Detroit tonight." Since technically The Palace is in Auburn Hills, but it really make more sense just to say you're in Detroit. I was very impressed seeing them live for the first time. I think "Animal" was my favorite.

Fan Review - By Kashmir

Well, what can I say...Def Leppard ROCKED the House!!!! I had a great view from 2nd row center, right in front of Joe! The guys all looked great! I loved hearing the old songs as well as the new. I thought the crowd responded well to the songs from X. Quite a few of the people around me knew the words to the new songs, and I was glad to see it.

The sound was great, my ears are still ringing! The performance was awesome! The guys all move around a lot and really give you your money's worth! We danced and sang and never sat down. And, of course once all the big hits started with 'Rocket' (which included an awesome display of duelling guitars between Phil and Viv) the crowd just went insane!!

If that wasn't enough my sister and I hung around by the tour buses, with about 20 other diehard fans, and met Rick Allen!! What a great guy! He went out of his way to sign autographs, take pictures and shake hands with everyone there! He really made us feel appreciated, and I hope we did the same for him. What a GREAT night! I will never forget it! See you in Grand Rapids Boys!!!.

Fan Review - By Cotto

Here I am still recovering from a fantastic performance at The Palace in Detroit last night. I have read some earlier reviews on here which made me even more excited to see Lep. They certainly did not disappoint. As you see in the Setlist, the first half of the show is a scattering of High 'n Dry mixed with "X." It took a bit for the crowd to really get into it. I would think if they opened with something from Pyro or Hysteria, the crowd might jump into it a little more. But that is neither here nor there.

The crowd really electrified from "Now" until the end of the show. I was in the second row so I really got to see how much these guys still own the stage. The highlight really is "Rocket" which included a sort of "Duelling Guitar" session between Viv and Phil.

I have to say, Phil really amazed me with how great he really is. That's not to say Viv isn't great. Joe performed great despite a possible broken arm. His voice sounded as good as ever. All in all it was a fantastic show. Can't wait til they do it again. May go to Grand Rapids show.

Fan Review - By Dave

Great show but mellow crowd. Not even close to sold out. Posted setlist is slightly incorrect. They did NOT do Foolin', and they DID do Two Steps Behind (acoustic) right before Now.


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