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Tuesday, 25th March 2003

Dayton, OH, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Mike

On 3/25/03, Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area were all treated to a healthy dose of rock and roll... 80's style. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as the crowds made their way into the Nutter Center. Many had quickly made their way to the T-shirt tables to scoop up some of the great items on sale there from one of the coolest bands to rise from the 70's.

Ricky Warwick, took the stage near 7:30 PM in a lone effort to warm the crowd up for the show that was to follow. Having recorded an album the summer before in Joe Elliott's studio, the band gave their support to him by letting him open for them.

This has to be a tough gig when you're somewhat of an unknown but he was received very nicely as he made his way through his set. As in other nights on the tour, Vivian made his way onto the stage to lend a musical hand in one of Ricky's songs, which was a real treat to see. It was a touching bit of Irish acoustic work and favored a bit of a folk, working man's feel. Sort of an Irish Bruce Springsteen meets Bob Dylan.

When Def Leppard finally came out, the band's opener "Let It Go" definitely set the pace for the entire show. The energy was there, the light setup was outstanding and the set list was awesome. I'm continually amazed at Phil Collen's guitar work, as well as Vivian's. They literally lay down a wall of sound along with being able to perform guitar licks & runs better than ever before

Rick Allen & Rick Savage were tight in their performances, keeping the band glued together on the percussion end. Everyone showed a lot of energy and intensity, which really made the show special. Joe Elliott hit all the right notes throughout the night. Despite having his vocals being mixed to far down in the mixed, he punched through with all the heart and soul that you'd ever want to see in a rock concert. He really took control on stage and worked the crowd.

The performances were so good that there were 3 times that chills ran through my arms and during "Hysteria" & "Now" tears welled up in my eyes thinking of a beautiful friend of mine, one of the bands biggest fans. And as one might expect, the roof about came down when "Pour Some Sugar On Me" was performed. Talk about an electric moment!

Some humorous moments in the concert were: A bra flying onstage (again) wrapped onto Vivian's microphone stand as in previous concerts, a large stuffed tiger was thrown onto the stage and a humorous moment when Joe wanted to get the crowd involved in singing and play Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks", because it went over well at Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio the night before. But the crowd started an intense booing session that confused Elliott. He didn't understand that there's an intense inter-state rivalry between Cleveland's American football team and the local Cincinnati team. After a few confused moments, he decided to pass and work his way into an acoustic version of "Two Steps Behind" instead. I honestly felt bad for him because Joe's a huge Ian Hunter fan.... All I can say was it was our loss.

All the feelings of being knocked out by Def Leppard's music in the 80's and beyond all came pouring back during this concert making me realize that they never went away as hard rocking contenders, they were only abandoned by local radio stations instead. Sad, but true. Keep rocking guys and we'll keep buying the music as long as you're making it!.

Fan Review - By MJ

WOW!! Not much more I can add to what Mike said!! As it was my first Def Leppard concert, I have nothing to compare it against, but I was amazed! I have to say that it was the best concert I have ever been to in my life! (Just a bit prejudiced, here!!)

I felt for Ricky Warwick, though. I didn't think the crowd was very receptive. I saw only two people up in the front, standing for him. Once the Leps hit the stage, my feet didn't leave the floor!! This 43 year old danced her butt off!! I was just so amazed at how they sounded LIVE!! I've heard boots before, but nothing compares to hearing them live! I clapped so long and so hard that two of my fingers are now black and blue! I have only one problem with the show....I want MORE!!!.

Fan Review - By Piper7

The Dayton show was good, no security checks at all which was freaky. The sound was capped by a low ceiling (in other words, the bass seemed overly loud) but the crowd was great with the exception of several drunken idiots. The standout parts of the show, Foolin', which nearly brought the house down and a ten minute version of Rocket that gave me chills it was so good. Joe's voice was terrific! Switch 625, one of my personal favorites, was incredible too!.

Fan Review - By lpprdlvr

After the problems the night before I was a little apprehensive about this show. Malvin came out and gave Ricky Warwick a quick introduction and Ricky went into his set. One of the highlights that I forgot to mention in my review of the Cleveland show was when Vivian came out and joined Ricky for one song that I believe is titled Three Sides to Every Story. Once again Ricky got a lukewarm reception from most. The only two standing for him were me and my friend (see MJ’s review!).

Once again the Leps opened with Disintegrate & Let It Go. This time though there was a noticeable difference. The crowd was on it’s feet and screaming loudly! There were a few changes from the previous night’s setlist and from our perspective in the second row, the crowd roared. It was a huge relief to see such a great response. I’ve read that when Joe went into Cleveland Rocks here that he seemed confused because of the response and he aborted the song. I’m not sure that was the case. I think he knew exactly the response he was going to get and he did it as a little jab because of the quiet crowd in Cleveland. My friend and I even yelled “Cleveland Sucks” when there was a slight lull in the noise, which earned us a big grin from Joe.

The technical problems from the night before also seemed to have been taken care of though I still thought I heard some feedback during LLWTG. At any rate, the band seemed much more energized than they were th night before. I don’t blame them. The difference in the crowd response was amazing. Once again we got waves from everyone, except Vivian and the band ended with the standard Rock of Ages, followed by the same encore.

To sum things up I was much happier with this show than the one the night before, as I’m sure the band was. They just posted a date in Columbus, Ohio and I will be there, so look for another review of what I’m sure will be another great show in June!.

Fan Review - By BengalBabe

On March 25, Def Leppard rocked Dayton!!! it was my first Def Leppard concert and I was totally satisfied! the show was great everyone played great and looked great too! when the riff to POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME started up, I saw 12,000 people on their feet pumping their fists in the air and screaming at the top of their lungs! you could feel Sav's bass pounding in your chest! I'm going to another leppard concert in july, I hope it's just as good. I cant wait!.


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