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Tuesday, 24th June 2003

Bismarck, ND - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Karla

The "X" Tour is phenomenal - you are in for a treat if you are able to see the guys this time around!! They are just FANtastic! They are at the top of their game!! The best!

The opening act is Ricky Warwick as most of you already know - he got a good response. I really liked the song that Vivian came out and played guitar and harmonized w/ him on. Can't remember the name of it - sorry! His album is out in September entitled "Tattoos and Alibis". Joe produced it.

The guys are in such great shape - they look very healthy and fit - sooooo energetic- animated - and really are enjoying themselves! They rocked from start to finish! Played at least 23 songs - full versions - great vocals, instrumentation, harmonies, they didn't speed through their set at all. It's like going back in time and having the Pyro days recaptured! Joe even has his hair styled like back then! They were all over the stage!

Joe's voice sounded strained when he talked, but sang the heck out of every song - it was like he was back in his 20's! lol He was so into the crowd, but seemed to pay attention to only parts of the crowd, which was different b/c he seems to usually play to the whole crowd - oh well! Still love him to pieces! Sav did his peekaboo thing - was all into it and all over the place! Phil stayed in his spot most of the time, but was very nice and smiley - took his shirt off almost immediately! lol Rick was an absolute sweetheart the whole night - very, very appreciative, and smiled all the time! He got a huge response from the crowd when he was introduced. Vivian was sure enjoying himself - was so relaxed, and very smiley and nice.

Joe did forget the words to one of the songs b/c of some girls in the front - have no idea what they did, but Joe got a kick out of them and talked about it. He broke a guitar string on 'Two Steps Behind' too- lol. Joe was more talkative than I had previously seen, which was great! Love that voice and accent! :)

Here's the set list from the show - forgive me for not having it in the correct order: (see above) 'Rocket' (My Generation in the middle) - this was such an awesome version of Rocket - glad to see them doing this again, 'Armageddon It', 'PSSOM', 'Love Bites', and 'Let's Get Rocked' as the encore!

It was a small venue, which I love - more intimate atmosphere - & has better seating. Got to see all the guys close up - wow! Great therapy! LOL I didn't realize how tiny Vivian was - he's just an itty bitty guy! He was cute that night. The guys make a lot of eye contact w/ the crowd. You can just tell they are having a blast on this tour! Joe does his bit about being louder and the see ya next time - and there will be a next time thing. Can't wait!!!!

The venue had a no camera policy - would have had great pics if we were allowed! They are at their absolute best! Someone in the audience had an authentic Union Jack Tee from '83 also - Joe thought that was cool and congratulated them!.


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