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Tuesday, 26th August 2003

Allentown, PA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Quinn515

Once again the Lepps put on an excellent show. Ricky Warwick got a good response in the G/A area. A grumpy man got mad at us for standing up when Ricky came out we moved down to just behind the G/A area as soon as the Lepps came on. We had a perfect view of the whole band there. They looked and sounded awesome. They played Rock! Rock!, Too Late For Love, and Slang. Four Letter Word went down very well and Photograph and Pour Some Sugar On Me got huge responses. Rocket was the highlight of the show and the band played part of My Generation during it.

A bunch of balloons were tied to the amps on Viv's side of the stage. Joe announced that Viv's birthday was on Monday and a cake was brought out and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

Joe talked about the soccer games they played in Allentown in the past and how they were sorry they couldn't do it this time.

After the first encore song Love Bites they said they were going to do a 33 year old song that they only played once before. We yelled "In Atlantic City!!" because we went to that show and heard it the first time. Then they went into Badfinger's No Matter What. That song sounds excellent! Here's hoping they keep playing it so more fans can hear it. Allentown definitely rocked tonight!!!!

Fan Review - By James T

Well one word describes it best AWESOME!! The guys were great tonite their energy was unbelievable and they were really into the crowd. I've seen five on this tour and I think this one topped them all. We were right between Viv and Sav. Viv was having so much fun!! My daughter and another little girl were in the front row and he gave them each a pick, waving to them all nite.

She just LOVED it (this was her 3rd show) Joe saw her and made a motion to her that he liked her shirt, Sav and Phil both blew her a kiss!!! We all had a rockin time. All the songs were great, loved Slang, Pssom, 2 Steps Behind and they did the little extra treat during the encore which they did in AC on Sat, the Badfinger song which sounded good!! Well until next time keep rockin guys!! and we luv ya!!!.

Fan Review - By Rha

Well, this was the 8th and last show I am seeing on the X tour :( It was one of the best. The crowd was loud and into the show and the guys really felt it. WE sang Happy Birthday to Vivian while Joe played guitar. The setlist was pretty much the same with the exception of Too Late for Love being added. During the extended version of Rocket, Joe threw alittle of "My Generation" in there. And during the encore, just like the show Saturday night in Atlantic City, they played the Badfinger song, which sounds absolutely awesome!!!

I had first row in front of Phil, (again for the 3rd time this month he must be tired of my face by now). He is just amazing and blows me away!! Well until next time... and there WILL be a next time.

Fan Review - By Beemer3

To sum it up into one word, incredible. What else is to be expected, it is Def Leppard, and they were on fire.

Being my sixth show that I have gone to in the X tour, this is actually the first time I made it to see the opening act, Ricky Warwick, a solo guitarist. He played 6 songs off his new cd, Tattoos and Alibis, with one being accompanied by Viv. He is an artist with a strong voice that really deserves to do well in the industry.

The show... maybe I have just never noticed having never been at front row, or maybe it was the nite, but Def Leppard seemed to be really full of energy and having fun. Joe and his vocals, right on top, with his joking, or I should say teasing, with the fans and his mic twirling. Watch out, Viv, he almost got you there. Phil and his manipulation of his guitar, as if it were an extension of his body, a genius. Viv and his pick tossing (oops, missed two), a definate crowd pleaser and a majestic guitar player.

Happy Birthday! A cake and song by the crowd, amazingly in tune ourselves, followed by Viv giving Joe a kiss on the cheek, little wet on Joe's side, and hugs from the rest of the group.

Sav, the man who needs no introduction for he is the master of his domain, ever so silent, yet never overlooked, I can only say he is amazing. Last, but never least, Rick on drums, playing with such a fervor, pounding out the beats with such intensity. Wow!

Add this all up while throwing in Joe's guitar string breaking in the middle of the song Now, (yet he continued to finish the song, laughing it off, what a pro), picks flying through the air, the normal pantie tossing, and, according to Joe's description, 'naughty' signs, it was one hell of a rocking evening.

Long Long Way to Go was surprisingly not played, but the not so often played Too Late For Love was on the set list, and they even played a song by a group named Bandfinger, 'No Matter What', in their encore. It was by far one of their best performances.

Alas, unfortunately, it had to come to an end, and off to New York they went, but Allentown will always be one of the nites to remember. But, as Joe said, they will be back, touring again. If you did not see them this time, get there. The group may be 25 years young, but they just keep getting better and better.

Fan Review - By Blades

This was my 5th and last show of the tour. And the boys did not disappoint. The setlist was the Rock! Rock! list with Too Late For Love substituted for LLWTG and they did indeed add the Badfinger cover, No Matter What, to the encore in between Love Bites and Let's Get Rocked. This was the one time when I wished I had gone with the General Admission seats. Those folks down there were rocking! My sister and I had front row grandstand seats & the people sitting in the grandstand were deadbeats. NO ONE would stand up! Poor Joe - he asked and he asked but these bumps on a log were not gonna move! So much for that crowd!

As for the show - it was great! The one thing that struck me this time (and I think it was cuz being it was my last time and I was watching with a "different eye") - I noticed how much it shows that they genuinely LOVE what they do and being up on that stage. They really are having a great time! Their energy level is amazing, their smiles are so broad and they can even laugh at themselves every once in a while (like when Joe goofed up the words near the end of Hysteria)! They've won my heart over the last 23 years because they never took themselves too seriously - and they still don't! I imagine they won a whole new legion of fans during this tour!

As always Joe ended with asking us not to forget them and they'll never forgot us. He said "As long as you guys are out there, we'll be up here!" I've already heard that they're planning to tour next summer! Sounds GREAT to me although way too long to wait!.


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