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Friday, 22nd August 2003

Albany, NY - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By TamKayla

This was an excellent show. I can't provide you with a complete set list as I didn't truly keep track of every song they played. They did some new songs such as Long Long Way To Go, which they dedicated to the British and American Troops, Now, Four Letter Word, and Slang. They also did a lot of our old favorites and the big reason why I attended. They played Bringin' on the Heartbreak, Two Steps Behind, Women, Rocket, Animal, Hysteria, Armageddon it. The biggest crowd pleaser was Photograph! This is also my personal favorite. Another crowd pleaser was Pour Some Sugar on Me. Rock of Ages was also well received.

Def Leppard proved that they can still rock the house. There was probably about 5,000 dedicated fans in the audience. They might not be cranking out the hits like they did in the 80's but they still can rock.

For their encore they did the ever popular Love Bites and Let's Get Rocked.

It was an excellent show! Joe and company prove they still have the stuff they need to rock us. They promised that they "Won't Forget us" "If we didn't forget them" I am sure we die hard Leppard fans won't forget them.

I plan to go out and buy the X album. I confess I do not have any of the newer albums. I am a Def Leppard fan from the 80's, but I enjoyed a lot of their newer songs and plan to check out this X album.

Fan Review - By Sarah 'Sari' Reading

Albany was definite more filled than the Providence show! People on the floor were standing but, alot of them did just that- stood there like lumps. Although there was a lot of cheering!

The first half of the show was a energetic mix of classics and newer fare from "X" to "Euphoria" to "Slang". Before the acoustic number, Joe jokingly started Sweet Home Alabama and the crowd cheered so much he played the first half of the song making the audience sing the chorus.

"NOW" was fantastic and received fairly well. There was alot of running around by Phil and Viv- the guitar duel during "Rocket" was a bit longer than usual. They blasted through the classics and were pelted w/ sugar packets during "Sugar" to which Joe replied afterwards "Sugar, sugar everywhere. And not a cup of tea in the house!

A lot of people left before the encore which made it easier for those of us who stayed to move closer to the front! DEFinitely another high energy Lep show! And thanks to Rick, Phil and Viv who came out and signed autographs and took pictures by the buses afterward!.


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