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 Pawn Stars: Legends Of Rock, Season 25, Episode 12, History, USA  USA.

Wednesday, 3rd February 2016

Show Notes

Joe Elliott and Phil Collen appeared on the show based in a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, NV.

They helped to verify the authenticity of one of Phil's Jackson PC1 guitars. They talked briefly at the end of the show and Phil checked out his guitar before playing a short solo in the store.

Watch the full episode via the show link.

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Show Info
  • Setlist >
  • 01 - Joe Elliott/Phil Collen Interview
  • Fan Recorded - Yes (Audio/Video)
  • Show Website - Here
  • Video/Watch Again - Here
  • Show Type - Reality Show
  • Area Map - n/a
  • Last Appearance - n/a