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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 La Voix (The Voice Quebec), TVA, Montreal, QC, CANADA  Canada.

Sunday, 12th April 2015  | 

Show Notes

A short 6 minute live performance on the Quebec version of The Voice. A reality/talent show.

The band performed short versions of both 'Let's Get Rocked' and 'PSSOM' of a similar length to their NFL show in 2014. 'LGR' was played until after the guitar solo and they missed the second verse/chorus of PSSOM. One of the hosts and some of the contestants took lines during PSSOM and all sang backing vocals throughout. Joe spoke very briefly at the end and was sporting a new T-Shirt featuring the Canadian Maple Leaf flag in its design. Vivian has his hair back (again) and (more importantly) looked happy/healthy.

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Show Info
  • Fan Recorded - Yes (Audio/Video)
  • Show Website - Here
  • Video/Watch Again - Here
  • Show Type - Talent Show
  • Area Map - n/a
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