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22 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Bring EUPHORIA Tour To TOKYO, JAPAN (Video)

Def Leppard 1999. Tokyo 1999

Def Leppard ended a three night run on the Euphoria tour in Tokyo, Japan on this day in 1999 and video footage is available.

The band played the Kokusai International Forum Hall-A on 2nd October 1999.

The last of three nights at this venue which was being played for the first time.

The entire show was filmed by WOWOW TV and was the only full length show of the 1999/2000 'Euphoria' tour to be captured on film.

The concert was broadcast in December 1999.

The broadcast also included short interviews filmed with Joe and Phil talking about playing in Japan and their favourite memories of the country.

New 'Euphoria' album tracks 'Demolition Man', 'Promises', 'Paper Sun' and 'Goodbye' are included in the setlist.

'Wasted' was also included during the encore.

Read Joe's on stage comments below as well as links to video footage.

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Joe Elliott - 2nd October 1999 On Stage Quotes

Before Women

"Tokyo. Good evening. You may have noticed there are cameras all over the place because tonight we're filming it for TV. So wave your arms around and jump around and make as much noise as you can because you'll see yourselves on Telly sometime in December alright."

"Until then. We are Def Leppard ans this is what we do!."

Before MLLAM

"Domo arigato. Alright?. Alright."

Before Animal

"Thank you. OK here's a little song for ya that you can sing along to alright. We wanna hear everybody out there singing on the chorus of this one. OK you ready?. You ready?!!."

Before Foolin'

"Domo arigato. Getting good at this. Here's a song for ya that goes back to the Pyromania album."

Before Slang

"Domo arigato. That was Paper Su and this is Slang!."

Before Promises

""Domo. We'll bring you back to the new album again. The Euphoria album. Play you two songs back to back. This first one is called Promises!."

Before Goodbye

"Domo arigato. OK we're gonna play you a song which happens to be the second single from the Euphoria album. This is a song called Goodbye."

Before Armageddon It

"Domo arigato. Hey hey hey. Hey Tokyo Campai!. We won't be here so here's to the Millennium and Christmas and New Year and the next century. And seeing you guys again one day real soon alright."

"The sound that you hear ishe sound of the big bad bass drum. Played as ever by the very very talented Mr. Rick Allen. It's the signal Tokyo to get your hands way up in the air come on everybody."

Before Photograph

"Thank you. Thank you very much. Hey look (points atUJ fag. There's few of these Union Jack things. There's another one over there. You're very good. You're very patriotic towards us I must say. We appreciate it though, we really do. Does this thing give you a clue at all towards what maybe the song we're gonna do next. High 'n' Dry. You're an album out so you're close. Alright it's from the Pyromania album. See this camera. Give you a bit of a clue. It's the wrong kind of camera but it's till a camera none the less. Alright then three strikes and you're out. It goes a little bit like this."

Before PSSOM

"Domo arigato Tokyo."

Before Rock Of Ages

"Thank you. The finest Japanese Saki. We are learning a few little Japanese words while we're down here. Domo arigato. And these are them. Gunter Glieben Glouten Globen."

After Rock Of Ages

"Domo arigato Tokyo. Thanks for your hospitality. Three wonderful nights. We'll see you again one day. Look after yourselves. Goodnight."."

Sav Before Let's Get Rocked

"Hey hey hey Tokyo. Thank you."."

Before Let's Get Rocked and after Phil's Wasted riff

"Domo arigato by the way. Do ya wanna get rocked?."."

Sav Before Wasted

"Thank you very much. You guys are too cool."

Before Wasted

"As a little surprise because he played 2 or 3 seconds of it and it got too much of a cheer. We're actually gonna play the f**king thing tonight alright. Here's a song from our very first album."

End of Show Speech

"Once again Tokyo. Thank you. It's been a wonderful three nights. Thanks for having us. Until next time. And there will be a next time. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Sayonara."

View all the available footage from this show (including a full show video) on this YouTube playlist.

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