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This Is How We Roll - All Songs

2019 - studio album

A listing of all songs included on the various versions of the Down 'n' Outz album.

This Is How We Roll 2019.

This Is How We Roll - main album

Songs - 12

no.songwritten bytypetime
01 Another Man's War Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 4:17
02 This Is How We Roll Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 3:06
03 Goodnight Mr. Jones Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 5:08
04 Creatures Joe Elliott Album Track 4:37
05 Last Man Standing Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 4:29
06 Music Box Joe Elliott Album Track 1:07
07 Boys Don't Cry Joe Elliott Album Track 3:55
08 Walking To Babylon Joe Elliott Album Track 5:42
09 Let It Shine Joe Elliott Album Track 6:03
10 Music Box Reprise/Griff's Lament Joe Elliott Album Track 0:46
11 White Punks On Dope Michael Evans/Roger Steen/William Spooner Album Track 6:22
12 The Destruction Of Hideous Objects Part 3 Joe Elliott Album Track 1:00

This Is How We Roll 2019.

This Is How We Roll - other versions

Songs - 1

no.songwritten bytypetime
01 Goodnight Mr. Jones (Stripped Down Version) Joe Elliott Album Track/Single 5:10

All songs and videos included over the various versions of the 'This Is How We Roll' album.

The Japanese version of the album features a bonus 'Stripped Down' version of the David Bowie tribute song. It features mostly vocals and piano with percussion and strings mixed in.

Three of the tracks are short reprises and/or acoustic interludes. The final track is in keeping with those on albums one and two with a similarly amusing title.

View all of the individual versions of the album.


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