Thursday, 10th June 2021
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DEF LEPPARD's PHIL COLLEN Set To Release A Suspense/Supernatural Themed NOVEL

Def Leppard 2021. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed and revealed he is working on writing novels with one set to be released soon.

Phil spoke to the Jeremy White podcast with the full video interview now posted on YouTube.

Phil talked about the Collection Volume Three box set, acoustic songs, The Stadium Tour/2022 touring, working with Mutt Lange/Mike Shipley, Hysteria/Adrenalize albums, Adrenalize album live, new songs/Next album, novels, song writing, guitars and much more.

Novel Writing/Release

Phil revealed when talking about writing songs that he is also currently writing up to four novels.

One of these is set to be released and is described as a 'suspense, supernatural' themed novel.

Phil's Manraze band mate Simon Laffy also revealed he had been working on at least two novels at the time of their last album 'punkfunkrootsrock' back in 2011 but they have yet to be released.

Phil released his first autobiography calledAdrenalized: Life, Def Leppard And Beyond in October 2015.

View the full interview clip below.

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The Jeremy White Podcast - Phil Collen June 2021 Interview Quotes - (Transcribed By dltourhistory)

Do you need to write shorter songs now?

"We've always had that to be quite honest. I mean the song Slang is 2 minutes 50. If I'm not mistaken. I'm absolutely one for going this is boring. Stop boring us get to the chorus. This is indulgent let's chop this out."

"And especially now with the new kind of culture. The new phone culture you know. Where everything's like I'm bored you know entertain me. Everything has kind of shrunk a little bit so you have to make it more impact."

"And you go back to the 60s and that's how the songs were back then."

"I've actually started writing. I've started writing these novels as well. These kind of stories. I've got like four or five on the go. I actually finished one just before we finished our last tour. And it's great. So I'm not gonna mention too much about it 'cause it's gonna be coming out."

"But the approach, I've never done any writing before in my life and they're really dark. Suspense, drama, supernatural. All of this stuff."

"But the approach was very much like a song. So I ended up doing short stories because I found that writing and writing and writing. it started boring me. I'm going god there's too many details and if I can get these cool details into a smaller thing it makes it, it gives it more punch."

"And I think song writing's like that. Especially if you're writing stuff that appeals to a larger audience. You better make sure it's right. You have to edit it. You have to self edit and you have to make it kind of - compress it unfortunately."

Adrenalize 1992.

Adrenalize album live for the 30th anniversary?

"Yeah right actually that's the first time anyone's actually mentioned that. So I think for that to happen people have to mention it."

"You know it's like when people go why don't you come to Colombia?. Why don't you tour - it's like we haven't been invited. You have to get invited by a promoter. There has to be some interest and all of that."

"So we get that a lot in different countries. You haven't been here for years and it's like we want to. It's like and not blaming it on the pandemic at all."

"It's just you've gotta go where you're invited. So even something like that it's gotta be brought up and it's gotta become a seed in someone's mind."

"Like the Hysteria thing. It become a thing. Like when we done it the first time in Vegas. It's like the promoter. They're requesting. Would love it if you would do Hysteria and it's like Oh OK. We've always wanted to do that so awesome."

"We were thinking about you know Pyromania as well but yeah Adrenalize would be really cool actually 'cause we'll have to learn those songs and yeah it'd be really cool."

Hysteria 1987.

Hysteria/Album shelf life?

"It's kind of that but it's also the shelf life starts running out as well. You go there's other bands come along."

"I think we were going to. The last - I think the last single was Rocket if I'm not mistaken and then we was gonna go with Love And Affection. That was gonna be the next one and there was a decline in interest at that point."

"We'd got off tour doing these other things. So there was a natural kind of slowing down. So yeah I get that. I totally understand it."

"The window for anything is a lot smaller than people think.And it's not just a band but it's everything. Especially in this day and age you know. With TikTok and everything. it's you know how many seconds is that and you know 15 minutes becomes 15 seconds. All of this stuff."

"So there's a very narrow window so you have to make it really kind of useful. And if you miss it sometimes you go OK that was that particular cycle we've kind of moved on from that."

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