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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 28th January 2023 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2023. The Joe Elliott Show

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show on 28th January on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by Ghost, Black Star Riders and Ian Hunter.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 28th January 2023 Playlist

  • 01 - Ghost/Joe Elliott - Spillways
  • 02 - Ian Hunter - Bed Of Roses
  • 03 - Geordie - Red, White & Blue
  • 04 - Black Star Riders - Wrong Side Of Paradise
  • 05 - Iggy Pop - Comments
  • 06 - Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come
  • 07 - Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Last Of The Teenage Idols Parts 1-2-3
  • 08 - The Clash - Complete Control
  • 09 - The Damned - New Rose
  • 10 - The Struts - Roll Up

Show Intro

"Evening all, Welcome once again. it's The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. What have we got for you tonight?. Well actually interestingly the first half of tonight's show is all brand new music. Sort of, 'cause this song that we're about to hear has been out for a while. But not this particular version. Featuring yours truly this is Ghost."

Ghost/Joe Elliott

"So how did that collaboration come about I hear you ask. Well turns out that about probably 9 months ago now I was pointed towards an interview that Tobias had done saying he was a bit of a Def Leppard fan. And of course as you all know if you've been listening to my show regularly. That I am a fan of the band Ghost. And I guess we both heard about each other's mutual love for each other. And it just became a very organic get together. And he said would I like to sing on a re-recording of the song Spillways."

"In actual fact the backing track's the same, but I added my parts to it. And there you have it. And we had such fun just a couple of weeks ago doing a kind of a webisode I think he calls them. A mini video for the song which was shot in pretty much my local. At a place called the Blue Light in Dublin. And great fun was had. Always up for a bit of a laugh. And it was great to meet Tobias. A lovely guy and a great artist. And there is the re-recording, if you like, or the additional version of the song Spillways."

Ian Hunter

"Right then brand new music. Absolutely brand new music. The guy literally never stops. This is Ian Hunter."

"And before that Ian Hunter. Brand new fron an album coming out in April called Defiance Part 1. Brilliantly titled only for the fact that it hints at Defiance Part 2 some time down the road. The song that we just heard which features Ringo Starr on drums and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers on guitar. Two of a plethora of fantastic guest musicians that are featured on the album including the likes of the late great Jeff Beck. Johnny Depp, Billy Gibbons. Who else is on it?. Half of Metallica, the Stone Temple Pilots, Slash, Duff McKagan, Tayor Hawkins. There's so many people, a list as long as my arm. We'll get into that when the album comes out in a couple of months time. But for now let's just enjoy the fact that we have just heard Bed Of Roses."


"Now here's an interesting one for you folks. Us music fans of a certain age will remember a band from the early to mid 70s that had a few hit singles in the day called Geordie. Who at the time were fronted by the legend that is Brian Johnson. Now currently the singer in AC/DC. Well they are now fronted by a gentleman called Terry Slesser. Better known in the day as Terry Wilson Slesser. Lead singer of a band called Backstreet Crawler. Who were put together by Paul Kossoff after he left Free. The song that we just heard Red, White & Blue."

Black Star Riders

"Now here's some more brand new music. From a band who just shot into the UK Top Ten album chart. So congratulations to the Black Star Riders."

"And before that Black Star Riders. Absolutely brand new. The album is straight into the Top Ten this week. Congratulations to them. We heard the title track of the album Wrong Side Of Paradise."

Iggy Pop

"That my friends is Mr. Iggy Pop from a brand new album called Every Loser. Produced by that new kid on the block that is Andrew Watt. Responsible for Earthling by Eddie Vedder last year. And also Ozzy's album Patient No. 9. I could have played any track off this new album, 'cause it's a great record. If it wasn't for the fact that young Jimmy has got such a potty mouth. I think there was two tracks that I could actually play at this time of day. So I flipped a coin and went with that one. The song is called Comments."

"You are listening to the Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. So far all new music. After the break something maybe that's a little more familiar to ya. Which is gonna include a visitation from royalty from Wishbone Ash."

Wishbone Ash

"And before that Wishbone Ash from that legendary album that is Argus with The King Will Come."

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

"Wonderful stuff there from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. What a great track that is. It's from the album Next. Which was released back in 1973. The song that we heard Last Of The Teenage Idols Parts 1, 2 and 3 of course."

The Clash

"Now those last two tunes came in at over seven minutes each. These next two tunes don't even add up to seven minutes together. From a time period only three or four years later when music reinvented itself. Here a two New Wave classics. Starting off with The Clash."

"And before that The Clash from their eponymously titled debut album back in 1977 we heard Complete Control."

The Damned

"Well they may have lacked a certain amount of musicality in some people's eyes, but they certainly made up for it in attitude and energy. Wonderful stuff there from The Damned. From the definitive collection that is Black Is The Night. We just heard the wonderful New Rose."

Show Outro

"And that my friends is about it for this week. It's been a real pleasure as always. But you knew that already. Ishall be back with you next week at exactly the same time.

"So until then I shall leave you with this. From the album Everybody Wants. This is The Struts and Roll Up. Until next week see ya!."

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