Sunday, 14th November 2021
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 13th November 2021 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2021. The Joe Elliott Show

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show on 13th November on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by David Bowie, Yes and Aerosmith.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 13th November 2021 Playlist

  • 01 - David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
  • 02 - Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul - Guns, Drugs And Gasoline
  • 03 - Demolition 23 - Nothing's Alright
  • 04 - Bruce Springsteen - Ghosts
  • 05 - Sensational Alex Harvey Band - I Wanna Have You Back
  • 06 - Yes - South Side Of The Sky
  • 07 - Simon And Garfunkel - America
  • 08 - Aerosmith - Draw The Line
  • 09 - AC/DC - Rock And Roll Singer
  • 10 - KISS - Love Gun

Show Intro

"Greetings music lovers and welcome to once again to you know what. Yes it's that time of night. It is the Joe Elliott Show right here, on the magnificent Planet Rock. Always a pleasure to be with you. I've got 60 minutes to plow through some amazing music. Starting off with a gentleman who we pulled out of the oxygen tent. He asked for the latest party. Who else could it be other than the late great David Bowie."

David Bowie

"Well it sounds like a Spiders From Mars album. But it's not. It would've been the third in a trilogy. It would've been the follow up to Aladdin Sane which itself tied in nicely with Ziggy Starust, But although Trevor Bolder and Mick Ronson did play on early versions of some of these songs they didn't make the final cut. Other than Mike Garson. It was David Bowie and a bunch of session musicians on the album. We just heard the title track from, Diamond Dogs."

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul

"Right then getting on his born again savage big time. This is Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul."

"And before that Little Steven himself with his Disciples Of Soul. Who happen to be on drums Jason Bonham and on bass Adam Clayton from U2. The album is Born Again Savage. The song we heard Guns, Drugs And Gasoline."

Demolition 23

"Tieing in very nicely with the previous song. That is Demolition 23 from what I believe is was their one and only album. They featured in the band Sam Yaffa and Michael Monroe. Ex-Members of Hanoi Rocks. The album was produced by Little Steven. The song that we just heard Nothing's Alright."

Bruce Springsteen

"And sticking with Little Steven.for one more song. Here he is with his boss. Mr. Bruce Springsteen."

"And before that the boss himself Bruce Springsteen from his latest album Letter To You. The song Ghosts."

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

"Wonderful stuff and with a riff very reminiscent of which one would it be?. Telegram Sam I believe by T. Rex. That is the Sensational Alex Harvey Band from the album Penthouse Tapes with I Wanna Have You Back."

"You are listening to The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming up we're off to the south side of the sky with Yes."


"And before that we heard Yes from the Fragile album. Which also features a version and a very different version of the Simon And Garfunkel song. The song that we heard South Side Of The Sky."

Simon And Garfunkel

"From an album which I have worn out many copies of in various different formats. Their Greatest Hits. It is Simon And Garfunkel with America."


"So from there over to Boston, MA. The bad boys themselves. This is Aerosmith."

"And before that we heard the bad boys from Boston. Aerosmith themselves from 1977 the title track of their wonderful album Draw The Line."


"As I'm sure we can all agree there are certain memories in your life that you can just never ever forget. When I think back to 1979 when Def Leppard had the fantastic honour of opening for AC/DC around the UK on their Highway To Hell tour there are two outstanding memories. One is Rick Allen having his 16th birthday on the second of four nights at the Hammersmith Odeon. And the second one is being on he balcony at the now sadly long gone Glasgow Apollo as it was moving up and down at least two feet as AC/DC started the show off with Live Wire. It was an incredible experience. Frighteningly so. I got off the balcony just in case 'cause it did feel very dangerous. But it was very exciting. As is the song that we just heard from AC/DC. Best known in their home territory as ACCA DACCA. It's from the album High Voltage. It is Rock And Roll Singer."

Show Outro

"And that my friends is about it for this week. It's been a real pleasure as always. I shall be back with you next week at exactly the same time. So don't touch that dial because you know and I know this is the greatest radio station in the UK by a country mile. Or is that a rock mile. Either way if you're heading off to Planet Rockstock this weekend have a great time but be safe."

"And until next week I shall leave you with this. 1977 this is KISS with the title track of their album Love Gun. Until next week see ya!."

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