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29 Years Ago Classic JOE ELLIOTT DEF LEPPARD Tour Diary DULUTH, MN 1992

Def Leppard 1992. Def Leppard 1992

Def Leppard played a show on the Adrenalize tour in Duluth, MN on 14th November 1992 and an archive tour diary is available to read.

Joe Elliott wrote a tour diary for Kerrang! Magazine after the show which took place at the DECC Arena.

The band's first ever visit to this city.

Joe was still dealing with the effects of pleurisy, which he had developed a week earlier.

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Joe Elliott - Tour Diary Quotes

"The chest pain has eased, but it's still here, especially in my back, so I've still got to watch myself. I can't sing for shit right now, which is really pissing me off cos I can do it under normal circumstances. But this frigging pleurisy thing is a real turd in the soup."

"It's a sold-out show, and we're only the third band to play here this year (the others being Damn Yankees and Tesla), so they're going to be nuts. I don't need this! I'm starting to get depressed, and I'm starting to hate everybody that puts these schedules in front of us. We can't cancel, so I just have to sound like shit. Not a very inspiring thought."

"8.15 rolls round, and I go on and do what everybody in a band has done at least once - pretend I'm having a good time, for appearances sake. It's bloody awful, but we've got a great sound engineer and by the look of everybody's face, he's doing a good job! (Turn me down, more echo, please!)."

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