Saturday, 1st January 2022
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DEF LEPPARD Download Festival Reloaded/Classic Albums HYSTERIA On SKY ARTS TV (Jan 2022)

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Def Leppard's 2021 Download Festival Reloaded Specials and 2002 Classic Albums Hysteria shows are rebroadcast on SKY ARTS TV later this week.

SKY Arts TV will show the July 2019 Download Festival highlights specials again this week.

'Action' 2011 and 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' 2019 are included over both shows.

The 'Classic Albums Hysteria' episode will also be shown again.

See the TV listings below.

Read Joe and Sav's comments from the Download Reloaded 2021 special below.

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Download Festival Reloaded - SKY Arts TV

  • Tuesday, 4th January 2022 - SKY Arts @ 2am-4am - Show #1
  • Wednesday, 5th January 2022 - SKY Arts @ 2:15am-3:45am - Show #2

Def Leppard Classic Albums Hysteria - SKY Arts TV

  • Tuesday, 4th January 2022 - SKY Arts @ 4am-5am

Download Festival/Sky Arts - Rick Savage/Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Kylie - "Friday night headliners. Hello."

Sav - "It's good to be here."

Joe - "It really is."

Kylie - "So it was the 30th anniversary of Hysteria 2017. You've been touring that album and tonight you are playing it in full."

Sav - "Yeah from start to finish from Women to Love And Affection. And a little bit extra afterwards as well."

Joe - "That's we called it "And More..."."

Sav - "I personally found it a different sort of thing to our normal set. It's more theatrical. Just because everybody knows what the next song is going to be. It does become more of a performance than just a rock show."

Joe - "I think there's more pressure on us because people know the record so well that when they come to see it once. It's like well you better be good!. You know there's no room for error. When you're doing a regular gig you can fall off stage and miss a chord and all this kind of stuff and it's just part of the vibe. But with this, as Sav says, it's a performance and you've kind of gotta get as much of it right as you possibly can. And we though we need to pay full respect to the album and not mess with it. So it's like, it's the boss. It is the boss, we are it's servant."

Kylie - "You played here in 1986 at the Monsters Of Rock. It was kind of the first big gig you'd done since Rick had had his accident. I mean what are your memories of that particular show?."

Sav - "It's just, the biggest memory is just Rick standing front of his kit. Or behind his kit after Joe had just, you know, kind of introduced him in a low key way. We weren't trying to make a deal out of it. But something had to be said because, you know, things had changed. And it was just seeing the sea of people, you know, showing their respects and the reaction it had on Rick was just. It was quite profound. I think it was just great. It was like we're back!"

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