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10 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Release Acoustic Medley 2012 Digital EP

Def Leppard 2012. Def Leppard 2012

Def Leppard released the Acoustic Medley 2012 digital EP online on this day in 2012.

The EP was released as an early Christmas present from the band after the success of the Acoustic Medley section on the 2012 Rock Of Ages tour.

The 2012 tour started on 20th June 2012 in Salt Lake City, UT.

The first show saw the debut of this new acoustic section along with a new stage design.

The medley began with Joe sitting at the end of the Thrust stage sitting on a road case brought out by the crew.

He started off by playing a snippet of 'Slang' album track 'Where Does Love Go When It Dies' before being slowly joined by the rest of the band including Rick Allen.

The studio version was recorded during the tour and finished off after it ended.

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Acoustic Medley 2012.

Acoustic Medley 2012 - Digital Download

  • 01 - Acoustic Medley 2012 - 7:32
  • Song 1 - Where Does Love Go When It Dies
  • Song 2 - Now
  • Song 3 - When Love & Hate Collide
  • Song 4 - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
  • Song 5 - Two Steps Behind
  • Record Label - Bludgeon Riffola
  • Release Date - 18th December 2012

Buy 'Acoustic Medley 2012' Online

2012 Acoustic Medley Section

For the acoustic section of this show and new medley was unveiled. It featured short snippets of four classic songs before the Soundcheck Version of 'Two Steps Behind' was played.

Initially Joe would introduce the medley by playing a verse and chorus of 'Where Does Love Go When It Dies' which had not been played since the 1996 'Slang' tour. He would be joined by the other band members who all sat at the end of the Thrust stage on an equipment case wheeled out by a roadie.

Rick Allen joined the rest of the band holding a shaker during the second song 'Now' - unplayed since the 2003 X/Ten tour.

Versions of 'When Love & Hate Collide' and the Adrenalize ballad 'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad' followed before the soundcheck version of 'Two Steps Behind' was played.

This medley got rave reviews from fans and became a highlight of the 2012 tour.

The Joe Elliott Show - 22nd December 2012 Quote

"I mentioned at the top of that show that there was some brand new Def Leppard well ladies and gentleman here it is. It's called Acoustic Medley 2012 and for those of you that didn't see the Rock Of Ages tour this summer. The whole band went down to the end of the ego ramp and sat on a little old flight case. All the five of us including Rick with a shaker. And we did a medley of five Def Leppard songs right in the faces of everybody down the front and it went down so well and we had so many requests that we had no option but to go in the studio and do a real recording of it. So for the first time anywhere in the world the exclusive Def Leppard Acoustic Medley 2012."

Vivian Campbell - 5th January 2013 Facebook Quote

How long from start to finish did it take the band to record the 2012 Acoustic Medley? Did you guys record it while on the road or at home?

"We started recording it towards the end of the tour and finished it up afterwards. Definitely not live."

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