Friday, 9th September 2022
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DEF LEPPARD Band Members Pay Respects To HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Joe Elliott 2022. Def Leppard 2002

Def Leppard band members have paid their respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II following her death on 8th September.

Queen Elizabeth passed away on 8th September 2022 aged 96.

She became Queen on 6 February 1952 and reigned for 70 years with a Platinum Jubilee taking place between February and June 2022 to mark the occasion.

The members of Def Leppard met the Queen on 11th July 2002 in Leeds, England.

As you may have seen Joe, Sav and Rick have all posted tributes in the last 24 hours.

The meeting took place backstage after a special concert at Temple Newsam House as part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The Golden Jubilee marked 50 years on the throne and the band performed three songs at the show in front of almost 40,000 fans in the afternoon.

Other acts included Charlotte Church, Lesley Garret and Belinda Carlisle.

The band performed Let's Get Rocked, Animal and Now (it's first play in the UK).

They had been intending to play four songs but 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' was cut so they could join the line of performers meeting the Queen after the show.

Joe sang live with the music mimed to playback ahead of them playing the same four song set fully live in both Stoke-On-Trent and Sheffield on the same day two days later (13th July 2002).

The sound man for this event was also Big Mick Hughes - Metallica's long time sound engineer who is pictured below with Joe at the soundcheck.

The now famous photo of them (and The Queen seemingly remarking on Sav's hair...) was taken by the Sheffield Press and used in the story seen in the clipping below from the Sheffield Star.

As you can see from his post below - The Queen also met with Jon Bon Jovi and the other members of Bon Jovi in December 2007 at the Royal Variety Performance in Liverpool.

The band will finish off The Stadium Tour 2022 later tonight in Las Vegas, NV.

Where they may possibly mention and pay further tribute in some way.

Leeds, England Show 11th July 2002 Photos

Def Leppard for The Queen in 2002/Performing in Leeds, England.

Def Leppard - September 2022 Quotes

Rick Savage

"For so many of us she was our common constant throughout our changing lives. Goodnight Ma’am. You will be irreplaceable RIP."

Rick Allen

"Rest in Peace - So happy I got to meet our Queen… what an amazing Woman."

Joe Elliott

"Verified "Dignity. If there’s ever one word to describe this wonderful lady & monarch it’s dignity. We will never see the likes of this again. She has transcended eras with good grace and service to her country that is unparalleled anywhere or by anyone. Thank you your Majesty for a lifetime of great memories and leadership."

The Joe Elliott Show - 5th June 2022 Quotes

Show Intro

"Greetings one and all and welcome once again to The Joe Elliott Show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. On what is this fantastic Jubilee weekend. And I hope there are garden parties galore going off all the way from Land's End to John O'Groates and all points in between. And that you're enjoying your burger, vegan if necessary and your salad and whichever is your favourite tipple. And I'm hoping that this next sixty minutes can add to that wonderful experience. We are celebrating 70 years on the throne for Her Majesty. I think we need to start off with something quite regal don't you."

Show Outro

"And that my friends is about it for this Jubilee weekend celebration show. Wow 70 years eh. 70 years on the throne. What an incredible achievement. Her Majesty the Queen has been such a fantastic ambassador for Great Britain and beyond. That I doubt us mere mortals will ever see the likes of anything like this ever again."

Joe Elliott - April 2015 Interview Quote

Did the Queen Complain About Rick Allen's Union Jack Shorts?

"We've met the Queen. She certainly didn't say anything when we met her on - 2002 it was, and we played a gig in Leeds in England and she was there with her husband and we got to stand in line while she went past and shook everybody's hand and all that kind of stuff. I didn't hear anything coming out of her mouth like going 'take off the shorts'."

Joe Elliott - June 2022 Interview Quote

"As regards 2022, it's wonderful we're still around and it's wonderful Her Majesty is still around,"

"And wonderful for the entire nation we have come out of this pandemic - or are learning to live with it - and everyone will be having street parties, from John O'Groats to Land's End. God bless them all and God bless the Queen."

Def Leppard 2022.

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