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def leppard countries played - 1992/1993

all countries played by the band

A listing of all the countries played by Def Leppard on the 1992/1993 Adrenalize tour. Arranged by date/first known performance.

Countries Played 1992/1993.

def leppard adrenalize tour - 1992

Countries Played - 9 (* = First time)

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
7th June 1992 Holland. Holland Amsterdam @ Paradiso (warm-up) Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th June 1992 Ireland. Ireland Dublin @ The Point Depot Setlist Audio  |  Video
21st June 1992 Scotland. Scotland Glasgow @ SECC Hall 4 Setlist Audio  |  Video
23rd June 1992 England. England Sheffield @ Sheffield Arena Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd July 1992 Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Belfast @ King's Hall Setlist Audio  |  Video
11th July 1992 Australia. Australia Perth @ Entertainment Centre Setlist Audio  |  Video
25th July 1992 New Zealand. New Zealand * Auckland @ The Supertop Setlist Audio  |  Video
13th August 1992 USA. USA Norfolk @ Scope Arena (1st full show) Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th August 1992 Canada. Canada Montreal @ The Forum Setlist Audio  |  Video

Countries Played 1992/1993.

def leppard adrenalize tour - 1993

Countries Played - 14 (* = First time)

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
30th April 1993 Sweden. Sweden Stockholm @ Globen Arena Setlist Audio  |  Video
2nd May 1993 Norway. Norway Oslo @ Spektrum Setlist Audio  |  Video
4th May 1993 Finland. Finland Helsinki @ Ice Halle Setlist Audio  |  Video
6th May 1993 Denmark. Denmark Copenhagen @ Forum Copenhagen Setlist Audio  |  Video
7th May 1993 Germany. Germany Hamburg @ Sporthalle Setlist Audio  |  Video
10th May 1993 Switzerland. Switzerland Zurich @ Hallenstadion Setlist Audio  |  Video
13th May 1993 Belgium. Belgium Brussels @ Forest National Setlist Audio  |  Video
14th May 1993 France. France Paris @ Le Zenith Setlist Audio  |  Video
17th May 1993 Spain. Spain Barcelona @ Palacio de los Deportes Setlist Audio  |  Video
20th May 1993 Portugal. Portugal Lisbon @ Cascais Pavilion Setlist Audio  |  Video
25th May 1993 Italy. Italy Milan @ Palasesto Setlist Audio  |  Video
29th May 1993 Austria. Austria Vienna @ Ernst Happel Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
15th June 1993 Japan. Japan Sendai @ Sendai Sun Plaza Setlist Audio  |  Video
25th September 1993 Mexico. Mexico * Monterrey @ Auditorio Coca-Cola Setlist Audio  |  Video

23 countries played in all in support of 'Adrenalize' in 1992/1993. Four of these were played for the first time.

View all dates in the 1992/1993 tour section.

The June 1992 Dublin show was the first In The Round concert played outside of USA/Canada using the new stage design.

These listings are for the full tour except Holland which was only played during the 13-Day Club tour in May 1992.

All other countries played on warm-up/club tours were also played during the main world tour.

The Norfolk, VA show was the first full headline show played in the USA on the tour following a charity show three days earlier in New York.

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