Saturday, 23rd January 2021
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Def Leppard 1993. Screenshot

Def Leppard performed a playback version of Heaven Is on UK TV on 23rd January 1993 with video footage available.

The band appeared on the BBC for the second time in two days performing a full playback version of 'Heaven Is' on the 23rd January edition of Saturday morning show 'Going Live!'.

Joe and Rick were also interviewed in a 9 minute segment at the end. Although the music and vocals were playback this show was broadcast live.

A short segment with Rick is shown at the start along with a fact profile.

You may recognise one of the questions that was used in 'Visualize' - about the strangest concert they've ever played.

Joe later recalled "making an idiot of himself" on this show. Probably a reference to his "phone" and "camera" moments which you'll spot during the interview.

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Def Leppard 1993. Screenshot

Presented by Philip Schofield along with Sarah Greene and featuring a comedy moment with Rick Allen and 'Dogs Body' the dog at the start.

Phil Collen once again used his white Gibson SG guitar. The band performed a live acoustic session later that day on BBC Radio 2 and appeared as part of Def Leppard Sunday on MTV Europe the day after (yes, they really were the good old days!).

Watch the full show appearance on this YouTube playlist.

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