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DEF LEPPARD Guitarist PHIL COLLEN Celebrates 63rd Birthday (Photos)

Def Leppard 2018. By Sally J

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen celebrates his 63rd birthday today and a photo gallery is available.

Phil was born in Hackney (in London), England (at 12:02am) on this day in 1957 to parents Kenneth and Constance (nicknamed Connie).

He revealed the time of his birth in an official Twitter chat.

The above photos were taken in June 2008 and December 2018 in Sheffield.

Phil was the first Def Leppard band member to turn 60 in 2017 with Joe following in August 2019.

Phil joined the band in in July 1982 to help out as they recorded the 'Pyromania' album.

He ended up joining them full time and formed a partnership and close friendship with (fellow Terror Twin) Steve Clark.

Phil once again mentioned a possible solo album during a recent interview in July.

In the same interview he also talked about new Def Leppard music saying they were writing some 'cool stuff'.

View a gallery of live photos from the 2017 Summer tour.

He was asked about turning 60 in a September 2016 interview.

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Phil Collen Live 2017 - Birthday Photo Gallery

Photos by Blair Linthorne/Chele Drappel/Sandra Hatfield/Alesa Rose/Suzette Sasaoka/Sally J.

Trunk Nation July 2020 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Phil Collen Solo Album/Delta Deep/Manraze

"Yeah I think so. I mean I think what tended to happen is like we had all this stuff, Delta Deep, for the second studio album and I've been working with Paul Cook."

"You know we're friends and he came over just before this happened. He came over to LA and I worked on a thing with him and it was really cool."

"And he said you know it should have been your solo album. He said I think it would have got more traction if we'd have done, if Manraze had of been that ."

"So I'm actually considering with all the stuff I've got. 'Cause I've got some instrumental stuff that's really cool, Some guitar stuff, and going and making a solo album out of the whole thing."

"Which I think would be really cool. With the same people who've been on a Manraze or a Delta Deep thing but just giving it a different kind of energy or approach to it and having it be part of my solo album."

Def Leppard Album Progress/Failed Dublin Session

"So yeah it's just like ongoing. It's like how long's a piece of string."

"It's like we've got ideas. We've got enough stuff."

"And as you know in this day and age you don't record in the same room. In fact we haven't done that since the 80s."

"Even Pyromania and Hysteria were done completely separately."

"And I think the only album that we actually played together or any form of it was some of the stuff on Slang."

"But other than that it's just been this way anyway. So it's something we're very much used to and it's, that's why I said, it's - there's always some stuff on the go."

"And yeah we've just been writing some really super cool stuff."

Daily Republic - Phil Collen September 2016 Interview Quotes

Turning 60 In 2017

"It’s a number. I don’t get hung up on it and don’t dwell on it. I welcome it."

“I’m jumping like a kid on stage. I’m going to celebrate it rather than be scared of it.”

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