Sunday, 27th December 2020
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 26th December 2020 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2020. The Joe Elliott Show

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show on 26th December on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by AC/DC, Down 'n' Outz and Queen.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 26th December 2020 Playlist

  • 01 - AC/DC - Realize
  • 02 - Down 'n' Outz - Virginia Plain
  • 03 - The Struts - I Hate How Much I Want You
  • 04 - Vega - Blind
  • 05 - Alice Cooper - Rock And Roll
  • 06 - Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man
  • 07 - Bon Jovi - Brothers In Arms
  • 08 - Bruce Springsteen - Burnin' Train
  • 09 - The Psychedelic Furs - Wrong Train
  • 10 - Fish - The Party's Over
  • 11 - Lemon Twigs - No One Holds You
  • 12 - Queen/Adam Lambert - Now I'm Here (Live)

Show Intro

"Greetings my fellow music lovers and welcome once again to the magnificent Planet Rock. It's the last show of the year for me. A year that I'm sure we can all agree we'd rather forget. However there has been some great music released this year. And I think I wanna share some of my favourites with ya. I couldn't catch everything of course. I picked a bunch if songs that really resonated with me. Some of them are quite low key. Some of them we were salivating right up to release day. Like this for example. Yes of course it's AC/DC.


"Yes the rumours were rife. There was leaked photos of Brian Johnson and Angus Young and Stevie Young and Phil Rudd having a crafty fag on the back balcony of a studio in Canada. It didn't take a rocket scientist to put two and to together that there was probably an album in the making. Plus some of us now certain band members so we kept our big mouths shut to keep the suspense going. But yes eventually there was a brand new AC/DC album. It is called Power Up and we just heard the track Realize."

Down 'n' Outz

"Now as for Def Leppard there's been a couple of retrospective box sets released in 2020. But no new music. However, although it was a cover, there was brand new Down 'n' Outz."

"And before that held back from the This Is How We Roll recording sessions specifically to be released on Record Store Day 2020. It is the Down 'n' Outz The Music Box E.P.. The song a cover of Roxy Music's first ever hit single way back in 1972 Virginia Plain."

The Struts

"From absolutely one of my favourite albums of 2020 that is The Struts. And of course I had to play that particular song because myself and Phil Collen guested on it. There were some fantastic on that record actually. Tom Morello, Albert Hammond Jnr. Robbie Williams. The album is Strange Days. The song I Hate How Much I Want You."


"Right close your eyes and grit your teeth everybody here comes Nick and the boys. This is Vega."

"And before that we heard Vega from their latest album Grit Your Teeth with Blind.

Alice Cooper

"There have been some brilliant versions of that song recorded down the years. Originally done by The Velvet Underground. Lou Reed recorded many great live versions of it. it was even on The Runaways debut album way back in 1976. And that version we just heard is right up there with them. it's from an album coming out in February called Detroit Stories. It is Alice Cooper. The song, written by Lou Reed, Rock And Roll."

"You're listening to the Joe Elliott nest of 2020 on the wonderful Planet Rock. It's time for a little break. And when we come back, this next gentleman is no ordinary man."

Ozzy Osbourne

"And before that featuring Elton John on lead vocals, shared lead vocals and piano. And Slash on guitar. It is the title track from Ozzy Osbourne's latest album and what a record. The song Ordinary Man."

Bon Jovi

"When Def Leppard and played an absolutely enormous football stadium in Munich in the summer of 2019. it was very fortunate that we had a day off the next day and both bands were in the same hotel. So off I went up to Jon's room 'cause he had some Bon Jovi wine on chill which is cool. And he said do you wanna hear the new album?. And I said of course. So he played me what was then the finished album almost ready for release. But it got delayed because of COVID. And it got changed because of the lockdown. And he wrote some new songs and dropped some off it. But that song stayed. And that song resonated with me on the night and it still resonates with me now. From the album 2020 we just heard Brothers In Arms."

Bruce Springsteen

"Right then it's time to take a ride on a train. In fact it's time to take a ride on two trains. Starting off with Bruce Springsteen."

"And before that Bruce Springsteen. The album recorded in five days Letter To You. He was on a Burnin' Train."

The Psychedelic Furs

"This one came right out of the blue for me. I had no idea whatsoever. in fact if it wasn't for an email from the leader of the band, the singer Richard Butler. I wouldn't of known at all. I've listened to the album a bunch of times. If you are a fan of the band you will love it. They are The Psychedelic Furs. It's their brand new album Made Of Rain. The song Wrong Train."


"Now I mentioned earlier on in the show how The Stutrs album is absolutely one of my favourite albums of the year 2020. Well you know what. So is this. This is Fish."

"And before that it's fantastic and I still can't pronounce it. It's Weltschmerz I think. Which means kinda messed up in German. As this year has been. it is Fish. It's his retirement album apparently. It's almost 90 minutes long. I can't tell you enough times how fantastic this record is. The song we just heard The Party's Over."

Lemon Twigs

"If you've listened to my show often enough you'd be well aware of the fact that I'm a huge fan of that kind of 70s whispy, glammy kind of weird chord stuff. And that band fits right into that category. They are the Lemon Twigs. from an album called Songs For The General Public. The song itself is called, get this, No One Holds You Closer Than The One You Haven't Met. Ok then."

Show Outro

"Yes in fact the party for this week is over. In fact for this whole year 2020 the party is over if it even began at all.

"So I would say hang on to your invites. let's try this again some other time."

"It has been a very very strange year indeed. But there has been some great music released. That is a plus point. On the minus side of things of course we haven't been able to play live. There's not much any of us could have done about that."

"But what I can do right now is remind us all of what it can be like when you hear a magnificent band playing live and this is magnificent. From an album called Live Around The World. This is Queen featuring Adam Lambert with a fantastic. A sensational version of Now I'm Here. So until next time I wish you all a very happy, healthy and hopefully much more fun 2021."

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