Tuesday, 28th April 2020
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DEF LEPPARD's PHIL COLLEN Performs HYSTERIA Solo/Rick Allen On Band Friendship

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Def Leppard members Phil Collen and Rick Allen recently spoke to SiriusXM radio as part of the Let's Get Rocked At Home Weekend special.

The 'Let's Get Rocked At Home Weekend' radio special took place over the weekend in a 69 hour special.

The band took over the Hair Nation channel 39 on SiriusXM radio in the USA.

Rick also recently spoke to the station at their LA studios with view available.

Joe and Phil performed unique versions of five different Def Leppard songs which were repeated all weekend long.

Joe played live acoustic versions of 'From The Inside', 'We Belong' and 'Two Steps Behind' and introduced each with a short story about the songs.

Phil took on 'Hysteria' and 'PSSOM' on just vocals and electric guitar.

Both performances have now been posted on YouTube (see playlist linked below).

More footage from this special looks set to be posted.

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Def Leppard 2020. Def Leppard 2020

Let's Get Rocked At Home - playlist (live songs)

  • 01 - Hysteria - (Live Phil Collen Lead Vocals/Electric Guitar)
  • 02 - From The Inside - (Live At Home-Joe Elliott Acoustic)
  • 03 - Pour Some Sugar On Me - (Live Phil Collen Lead Vocals/Electric Guitar)
  • 04 - We Belong - (Live At Home-Joe Elliott Acoustic)
  • 05 - Two Steps Behind - (Live At Home-Joe Elliott Acoustic)

View the full playlist on the - At Home Weekend 2020 Show Page

Let's Get Rocked At Home - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

What do you think is the most crucial event in the success of the band?

"That's a really good question. And I think the thing that really makes us somewhat unique in terms of our relationship is not really the success."

"But I think some of the, some of the things that weren't so pleasant like losing Steve, or you know when I went through my accident."

"And it was one of those times when you sort of. You're sitting around in a room with each other and you look at one another and you're like 'Why are we doing this again?'. And everybody seemed to come up with, you know, 'We're friends'."

"And that's, you know, that's what, that's why we wanna do this. But I think they were the times that really showed the character of the band and the individuals."

"And just that, just really finding out who you're friends are you know. Especially you know when things are really dark."

"So I think that's one of the things and then the other thing is the fact that we're constantly writing new music. People say 'Oh are you making another record?'. No, there's always new music. People are always coming up with new ideas."

"And I think that keeps it vibrant. Keep it fresh."

"So, you know, I think that's a very important thing in terms of, you know, just keeping the band in sort of a forward momentum."

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