Wednesday, 30th October 2019
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JOE ELLIOTT Says DEF LEPPARD's Sacramento Show Will Be A Major Event

Def Leppard 2019. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Nevada radio earlier today about the Down 'n' Outz and mentioned the Sacramento, CA show.

Joe spoke to the Maximus Volume of 105.7 KOZZ in Reno, NV to promote the new Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album.

Joe talked about the Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, The Def Leppard E.P., John Peel Story and the Sacramento Show.

Joe said the Sacramento show on Saturday will be a "major event".

His daughter can also be heard in the background as he starts to talk.

Listen to the full 5 minute interview below.

The Sacramento, CA on 2nd November at Toyota Amphitheatre is the final show of 2019.

Listen to the full 5 minute interview below.

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Maximus Volume - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll

"Yes I have indeed. This new album, it's only been out a week now, but it's been five years in the making. You know it's been, it's been a labour of love but I'm very happy with the way it turned out."

"Yeah they are a great band and I'm really happy with...I mean I got lucky. There was nothing's not like I had to audition these guys and, you know, you could reject this that and the other. I inherited them in a situation where we were opening for Mott The Hoople in 2009 and they'd been volunteered to be my band because Mott had asked me to open for them on the last night of their London run."

"And it just turned out that, you know, for the most part it was just a great band. We've been through, we are currently on our third bass player. But other than that it's exactly the same lineup you know."

"They're a really good band. They understand what the music's about and they totally get my vision regarding the way that when I wrote these songs they were all on board with them straight away. They all said love them, we're in, we're there you know."

"So the confidence going into making this record was 100 percent on everybody's part because everybody had signed off on the fact that we thought we had something that was pretty strong you know."

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction/The Def Leppard E.P.

"Yeah it was a 42 year journey to get there. Me and my Mum glued all the sleeves together. Put the records in and then posted them off to people that sent a pound to buy one on mail order as you like you know. 'Cause there was only a thousand of them."

"But you know we weren't really trying to sell them. We were trying to get them to people of influence. We were always kind of lime to think we were one up on all the other bands around us. And they all sent cassettes off and that just meant that everybody sent cassettes off."

"Vinyl seven inch single and send it off to record companies and music magazines and radio stations and it made them sit up and look and listen."

John Peel Story

"That's what happened with us in the UK with John Peel. Legendary, you know, radio broadcaster in the UK. I managed to get a copy to him when he was doing a DJ thing at Sheffield University. And he promised to play it if he liked what he heard. And he actually played a song every night for five nights and that's really what got the ball rolling you know."

Sacramento Show

"That's exactly our job and what's gonna make it even more special is because this is like, you know, a whole big experience for this venue in Sacramento."

"We're kind of very blessed and honoured that we were asked to be the band to do this show. But it's also our last show of the year. We want everything to be an event. Saturday is gonna be a major event. So, very happy to be involved."

Def Leppard 2019.

Def Leppard - New Tour Date 2019

The first show in this city since 4th October 2018. 7th time at this venue.

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