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Def Leppard 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Zach Martin and mentioned Steve Clark.

Vivian spoke to Zach Martin for the Big Fat American Rock Show to promote Last In Line.

Rick talked about his previous bands, Def Leppard/Last In Line, Last In Line II album/tour, Jimmy Bain, Steve Clark, DIO/Whitesnake, First Guitar/Musical Influences, Vinny Appice/Appice Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Blues Music/Two Sides Of If Album, Last In Line II Album, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Van Halen With David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar and the Favourite Song He's Recorded.

Listen to the full 24 minute interview below.

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Big Fat American Rock Show - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Def Leppard/Previous Bands

"So for the last 27 years I've been a member of Def Leppard and that's been very very exciting. And this year is no less exciting for us we're about to go into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at the end of March. And had a very very busy 2018 doing a co-headline North American tour with Journey. Sold over a million tickets in North America. Around the world actually. Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UK. And yeah so that's great."

Steve Clark

"And speaking of which, you know, my 27 years in Def Leppard are only as a result of the passing of Steve Clark the original guitar player. And when we're inducted into the hall of fame I know that we'll all be remembering Steve you know. He was such a great part of the band and his music lives on to this day. You know every night I'm on stage with Def Leppard I'm playing Steve Clark's music. So even though I never knew him as a person I really feel like I know him as an artist. You know because I'm inside that music and you know I've reshaped it in my own style to a certain extent over 27 years but obviously you know still paying homage to Steve and the great talent that he was."

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame/Who will induct them?

"Probably a guitar player and it could be the guitar player from Led Zeppelin. (An astrophysicist?) It could be or it could be the guitar player from Led Zeppelin. Or it could be someone else entirely."

Van Halen With David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar

"David Lee Roth no doubt. No I mean that was part of the original character of the band. There was a humour in early Van Halen that came across in the music you know. And that was essentially David Lee Roth's input on that you know. He wasn't a tremendous vocalist but he had a tremendous style and a unique character and personality. And that was as important to the early band as Eddie's guitar playing and Alex's drumming and Michael Anthony's bass playing. I mean they just, they were a great band the original band. That's not to detract in any way from Sammy Hagar who's a remarkable singer. And what they did with Sammy was different. I mean it was good but it was different. It was a little more mainstream to my ears. It was also, you know, not just Sammy's influence that changed the sound of Van Halen. It was also around the same time that Eddie discovered keyboards you know. Which is all well and good but I preferred listening to him as a guitarist. So, you know, those two elements definitely reshaped the sound of the later Van Halen. But I'm very much a fan of the early band."

Favourite Song He's Recorded?

"That's hard to say I haven't always been very happy with what I've done in the studio. Although that has changed of late. I mean n the last few years I've been very pleased with my playing and my performing and my writing and the latest Last In Line album. The II album I think is some of my best playing and certainly some of the playing I'm most happy with. I remember all throughout my career listening back, you know, and thinking gosh I wish I could've done that again. I could do it better or whatever. You know that's part of the Virgo in me I guess. You know never been satisfied with this stuff. But it was also sort of a lack of confidence. And, you know, I think when you're a younger musician you're still always trying to emulate other people like I was always trying to emulate my heroes. You know Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore were my two biggest influences as a guitar player. You know so it takes a while for you to feel comfortable. Or for me at least it took me a while to grow into my own skin and to be comfortable and confident with my playing. I certainly am right now. I mean I feel like I'm really very much where I need to be as a musician as a guitar player and I'm more than happy with this Last In Line II record."

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