Thursday, 15th August 2019
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Def Leppard 2019. Screenshot

Def Leppard played the first show of the 2019 Sin City Residency last night in Las Vegas, NV with 23 songs performed.

The show took place at the 7,000 capacity Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood.

The opening night of the 12 show residency. The second of the band's career after 2013's VIVA! Hysteria.

The first visit to Las Vegas since September 2018 and a return to the site of their first Las Vegas show in September 1982 of the Pyromania tour (see below).

A stage featuring an array of video screen, ramps and a satellite thrust stage were used along with lasers and the usual impressive light show.

Two songs were played for the very first time and others included for the first time in many years.

'Die Hard The Hunter' was played for the first time since Vivian's first show in Dublin 1992.

It was also used to open the show following the usual video countdown and the curtains opening to the sound of the album version intro music.

A 23 song setlist was performed. the longest show played since the 2013 VIVA! Hysteria show.

The first time at this venue and 26th time overall in Las Vegas.

2019 Setlist/Staging

A 23 song setlist played.

'Let Me Be The One' and 'We Belong' were played for the very first time. Played during a lengthy semi-acoustic section as previewed recently by Vivian where the band showcased their vocal skills including Rick Allen for the very first ime.

Pyromania tracks 'Die Hard The Hunter' and 'Billy's Got A Gun' were played for the first time since 1992 and 2002.

Other expected rarities included 'Now', 'Slang' and (the slightly less rare) 'Promises'.

The staging was not unlike the 2013 residency only bigger and with more large video screens behind the and and either side of them. What Joe referred to as a 'satellite stage' was used in place of a Thrust and where the band were all seated for the semi-acoustic section.

The visuals for many songs were updated including 'Photograph' which still but used in a slightly different way and not all old 1980s era shots. See videos for details including footage of the live debut songs and the intro.

View the current Setlist Statistics in the next news update.

Watch some Fan Videos from the show here.

Def Leppard 2019 Fan Videos.

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Las Vegas, Sin City. Thanks for having us. Thanks for coming. Wherever you have travelled from to be here tonight. Thanks for being here. We'll catch you next time. Goodnight."

"Thank you so much. It's been a blast Vegas thanks for having us. Had a great time. One down eleven to go. Thank you so much for making it a great start. We'll see you next time. Goodnight!."

"Be good to yourselves. And until next time. And there will be a next time. Do us a big favour. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Goodnight."

Sin City Residency Show #2 takes place in Las Vegas, NV on 16th August.

Def Leppard 2019 - Las Vegas, NV #1 Setlist

  • 00 - Video Countdown/Personal Jesus Intro
  • 00 - Die Hard The Hunter Album Intro

  • 01 - Die Hard The Hunter

Played for the first time in the USA since 27th October 1988 in Tacoma, WA. First performance since 15th April 1992 in Dublin, Ireland (Vivian Campbell's first show with the band).

First time ever as a show opener.

  • 02 - Animal
  • 03 - Excitable
  • 04 - Promises

Played for the first time since 18th December 2018 in London, England.

  • 05 - Foolin'
  • 06 - Slang

Played for the very first time since April 2013 in Las Vegas.

  • 07 - Billy's Got A Gun

Played for the first time since 26th November 2002 in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 08 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak (electric)
  • 09 - Switch 625 (Instrumental)

Semi-Acoustic Section

  • 10 - Let Me Be The One

Played for the first time ever.

  • 11 - We Belong

Played for the first time ever.

  • 12 - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

Played for the first time since 15th September 2012 in Santa Barbara, CA during the Acoustic Medley Section. And the first time in full since 23rd June 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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