Wednesday, 24th April 2019
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BRIAN MAY On Meeting DEF LEPPARD/RRHOF Induction (Audio)

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Queen guitarist Brian May has been interviewed about inducting Def Leppard into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Brian spoke to SiriusXM last month.

Brian was interviewed before the Induction took place.

Brian talked about inducting Def Leppard into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, meeting the band, why he wanted to induct DL, British bands being inducted and Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.

Listen to the full 5 minute interview below.

The 34th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction took place on 29th March at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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Def Leppard 2019. RRHOF 2019

SiriusXM - Brian May Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Inducting Def Leppard Into the RRHOF

"I would hate it if anyone else had done it rather than me 'cause they are family to me and they have been for a long time. And I love 'em dearly. I know a lot about them 'cause we spend a lot of time together. You know they've done stuff for us. Particularly with Joe, you know, I go back. We've done all kinds of stuff for each other and with each other and we're kind of like brothers I suppose. So yeah I had to do it. Had to be here."

Meeting Def Leppard In 1981

"We go back to about 1981 when I failed to see them as support act to Ritchie Blackmoore's Rainbow in Munich. I went down and I felt so bad, I';m gonna say this in the speech. I felt so bad that I didn't see them 'cause it's rude. You know you get there too late. So I went in their dressing room. I found where they are and knocked on the door and put me head in and I said Hi guys I just wanted to say hello. They kind of looked at me. I said I'm Brian May from Queen. And they went No shit!. And they said you have no idea we've all been fans of you guys and you're our kind of template. Which is a great honour for me I had no idea they even knew who I was. So we became very close for a long time."

1983 Pyromania Story

"And then. again I'm gonna say this in the speech, but I saw them in the Forum in LA a couple of years later and they devastated the place. And they asked me to play with them on the second night. Which I went up and we did Travellin' Band and the rest is history. Except that I nearly got burned to death with the flames. Well it was Pyromania, the clue is in the name."

Why he wanted to induct them

"As I say they're that close really and, you know, we share a lot of the same kind of guiding lights. As I say, you know, they proudly quote us as an influence like we would quote Zeppelin as an influence. And yeah we see things the same in so many ways. It's a crusade in a way to put your stuff out there and deal with the shit that comes with you on the way and they've had piles of it. We've had too but you know you keep yourself together. You keep your dignity and in the end you remind yourself that the people know best. The fans know best and here we all are."

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