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17 Years Ago JOE ELLIOTT's 9/11 Message To DEF LEPPARD Fans

Def Leppard 2009. Ridgefield 2009 by Mark

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott wrote a lengthy message to fans on 11th September 2001 following the terrorist attacks in the USA.

Joe was in Dublin at the time recording the 'X/Ten' album at his home studios when he witnessed the events on the studio TV.

Later that day Joe decided to write a message to fans via the band's official website.

The full message is shown below and reposted here on the 16th anniversary of the attacks.

The two live photos were taken in Ridgefield, WA by Lep fan Mark during the penultimate show of 2009 tour.

The message "In Memorial 9/11" was displayed on the screens at the end of the show.

This was the first time the band had performed on this date since 2001.

They have now played it twice more in 2011 (Sacramento, CA) and in 2012 (Albuquerque, NM).

Ridgefield, WA 2009 Pics - By Mark

11th September 2001 - Joe Elliott Message

"Today, I was supposed to sing. It was going to be a good day as I would have finished another lead vocal for the new album. I'm holed up in Dublin, Ireland, my adopted home, with Producer Pete Woodroffe & engineer Ronan McHugh.

We normally start vocals about 2.30 PM, after a spot of lunch. Not today though. News started to break of an explosion in New York, in the World Trade Centre. We all watched in horror as the reality of what had happened set in. When the second plane hit, we just looked at each other in total disbelief. It didn't seem real, almost Hollywood-like, as that is the only yardstick we had to compare it to. Emotions were bouncing around the room like some manic rubber ball, leaving us all speechless. My first reaction was to call everybody I knew in New York. I couldn't get through to anybody, which didn't surprise me knowing how strong the American/Irish connection is.

Our management office is just round the corner from where it happened, as is our record company's. I have many friends in New York, all unreachable. I still can't believe what's happened, 12 hours later. I have, through the beauty of email, managed to send messages to most of the people I know. Thankfully, I have received replies from most of them. I truly hope and pray that all the people you know who could have been affected by this terrible tragedy are safe & well also.

The good weather is nearly gone over here, so tonight we had a BBQ, it seemed like an "American" thing to do. I guess it was some kind of sub-conscious paying of respects. I didn't feel much like eating though, as I couldn't stop thinking about all those people on the planes, in the buildings, and on the ground. And what about all their relatives waiting for some kind of news of their loved ones?

Tomorrow, we can go back to work and finish the song. We're the lucky ones because tomorrow, I believe, as the true horror of what has happened kicks in, a lot of people won't find it so easy to do the same. Whatever your beliefs, say a prayer, light a candle and thank your higher power for the gift of life, because as we have seen so graphically today, it can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

At times like this, music seems so unimportant.

Luv 'n' PEACE,

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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