Sunday, 28th October 2018
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The JOE ELLIOTT Show 27th October 2018 Playlist/Transcript

Joe Elliott 2018. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show last night on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by Robert Plant, Mott The Hoople and AC/DC.

Joe mentioned at the start of the show he would be talking about the two Hawaii shows and explaining the difference in their setlists but never got around to mentioning it.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 27th October 2018 Playlist

  • 01 - Deep Purple - Highway Star (Live)
  • 02 - Cheap Trick - California Man (Live)
  • 03 - The Vapors - Turning Japanese
  • 04 - Wizzard - Ball Park Incident
  • 05 - The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
  • 06 - Robert Plant - Calling To You
  • 07 - Rush - Closer To The Heart
  • 08 - Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
  • 09 - UFO - Mystery Train
  • 10 - Doctors Of Madness - Back From The Dead
  • 11 - Mott The Hoople - Broadside Outcasts
  • 12 - AC/DC - Dog Eat Dog

Show Intro

"Evening all welcome once again to the Joe Elliott show right here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Which this week comes to you all the way from Osaka in Japan. Yeah we've been here for a few days now having had a mad, great crazy week in Hawaii with some intense rehearsals which culminated in two great shows. Very different from each other as it happens. I'll tell you all about that later on. But glad to be in Japan now. Glad to be with you for the next sixty minutes. We're gonna start the show off with a song actually recorded in this very town of Osaka on the 10th of August 1972."

Deep Purple

"The 2014 remastered version of Deep Purple's classic Highway Star from the album Made In Japan. Recorded, as I said at the top of the show, on the 10th of August 1972 in this veri city that I am in right now."

Cheap Trick

"We have just moved here on the bullet train which again I will come to that later on as well. From Tokyo where the tour started off at the Bu-do-kun. Now we've always wanted to call it the Budokan. It sounds more Japanese. The Bu-do-kun quite frankly sounds a little bit more Yorkshire to me. But of course the Budokan is famous for what?. One of the best live albums ever made. This is Cheap Trick."

"And before that Cheap Trick from their legendary live album Live At The Budokan. We heard the song California Man."

The Vapors

"Well I had to didn't I? 'Cause I'm here after all. One of the best one hit wonders of all time that is The Vapors with Turning Japanese."


"Originally a song for the band The Move written by one Mr. Roy Wood who also features in this next band."

"And before that Wizzard featuring the wonderful Roy Wood who's featured in The Move. He's done solo work. He was in Wizzard and of course for a little while he was even in the Electric Light Orchestra. But that from the album Wizzard Brew we heard the hit single Ball Park Incident."

The Beatles

"There's a club in Tokyo in an area called Roppongi and the club is called Abbey Road and it's kind of like an eatery. Like a chicken in a basket kind of cafeteria rock bar if you like. And they obviously through the name Abbey Road, gives you a bit of a clue, feature a lot of cover bands that do The Beatles. And there's one particular band that we've seen many times when we've visited it called The Parrots who are an astonishing Beatles cover band if you like and one of the things that you are likely to hear when you're down there is that mid period Revolver, Rubber Soul era of The Beatles. Which we just played there that of course is the original from the album Revolver. The song Tomorrow Never Knows."

"You are listening to the Joe Elliott show all the way from Osaka in Japan this week. Time for a little break and when we come back, we're gonna get down and dirty with Wolverhampton Wanders' biggest fan."

Robert Plant

"And before that Robert Plant from his 1993 album Fate Of Nations. Excellent stuff, Calling To You."


"From the 40th anniversary re-release of the album Farewell To Kings which is gonna look very nice up on my shelve with the next month's reissue of Hemispheres. That is Rush with their hit single, it actually was a hit single, Closer To The Heart."

Ozzy Osbourne

"I mentioned the bullet train at the top of the show. And it is the method of transport that one uses when one rocks and rolls all over this particular country. It is a fantastically fast machine. 190 miles an hour. It's smooth. it's brilliantly white on the outside and spotlessly clean on the inside and that is one of the cheapest intros I could think of for two songs that feature the word train."

"And before that who else the legendary Ozzy Osbourne from his debut album back in 1980 with the absolute epic Crazy Train."


"There's a fantastic live version that is a bonus track on the album these days of that particular song. And quite frankly I wanted to play it, it's just a little too long. So I went for the studio version. It is UFO from the album No Place To Run. The song, originally recorded by Elvis Presley, Mystery Train."

Doctors Of Madness

"Had one or two guests at the Budokan the other night including two members of the current lineup of the Doctors Of Madness born and bred in Japan they are. Great news about the Doctors Of Madness. They might be recording some new material so this song title is very apt."

"And before that the Doctors Of Madness, who according to Kid Strange, are gonna record some new material next year. So the album Sons Of Survival sort of really is now Son Of Survival. It will be a brand new lineup but the song Back From The Dead seems to be coming true."

Mott The Hoople

"And I play that because one of my other guests was the legendary keyboard player from British Lions, Mott and Mott The Hoople Mr. Morgan Fisher. Had a great time hanging out with Morgan. Of course he was telling me all the stories of Mott The Hoople Mark II's summer shows. Let's hope, keep our finger's crossed that there will be more. And that featuring Morgan of course is Mott from the 1976 album Shouting And Pointing. A song recorded in 2014 by the Down 'n' Outz. The song is Broadside Outcasts."

Show Outro

"So that my friends is about it for this week all the way from Osaka in Japan. It's been a real pleasure as always. I shall be back with you next week at exactly the same time from Adelaide in Australia."

"So what better way to introduce the Australian leg of this tour by playing you something from the biggest thing from Australia since boomerangs, kangaroos and digeredoos. Yes of course AC/DC. This from the album Let There Be Rock, and hallelujah to that!, is Dog Eat Dog. Until next week see ya!."

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