Thursday, 10th May 2018
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DEF LEPPARD's PHIL COLLEN On How To Stay Healthy On Tour

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed in Milwaukee, WI in late February and another video is available.

Phil spoke to Digital Tour Bus for their Tour Tips series.

He gave his Top Five Tips for touring.

Phil talked about not playing too loud, not drinking alcohol, being a vegetarian, not spending too much money and staying healthy on the road.

He was speaking ahead of the 2018 North American tour which starts on 21st May in Hartford, CT with Journey.

The first longer interview was already posted in April with Phil giving a backstage tour and revealing more about the 2018 Hysteria tour plans.

Watch the video below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Digital Tour Bus - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Not Playing Loudly

"One of the things don't play too loud. If you're in a band you can really kind of upset each other and push each other's buttons when you play too loud. Plus you can't hear yourself. One thing we do we keep the volume really low, you know, in Delta Deep and we're able to rehearse like this. So you can actually rehearse in a front room or something without having the neighbours banging on the wall or anything. And then you can actually sing kind of lightly. Like we have a song called Bless these Blues. You can rehearse like that, you don't need to thrash your ears or go deaf. My ears are actually still OK after all these years. So that's something I would suggest."

No Alcohol

"You probably asked the wrong person 'cause I don't drink alcohol. It's been 30 years. That has been totally valuable actually. I remember everywhere we've gone. I'm more focused. You know I'm 60 I feel like I'm 25. You know I work out. That's separate, but I do think it's important to be healthy. Like these stairs, we're on the fifth floor, it's good to walk up and down. The old Bruce Lee thing. Don't take the elevator take the stairs if you can. Just stuff like that you know stay active healthy eat right and sleep. I know people don't sleep enough 'cause they're too busy getting messed up or whatever. But lots of water. I mean everyone knows this stuff. You know it's not even tips. It's something you're supposed to do."


"One of the other things I'm a vegan. I've been a strict vegetarian for like 35 years. Here's one of the things we have on the rider. And usually I'll do that. I'll chop up a veggie burger. The George Foreman grill, this is just me personally. We have that everywhere as well. Bit of that Salsa and stuff like that. And yeah just kind of avoid all that kind of heavy carb thing. I mean it makes a huge difference. It just makes you feel spritely and more energy and stuff like that. ."

Spending Too Much Money

"When we first started blowing up when MTV started happening and you know we're all over the place. Our then manager Peter Mensch said ditch the limos. And we're like oh this is cool man we're rock stars. We're in the limo and he said let me break it down. It's the two hour minimum. Back then I don't know how much it was per hour. But you need two limos and it's costing this much per day. So they gotta take you from the hotel to the venue and take you back and he added it up and we were was thousands of dollars. So stuff like that can just fly out the window and everyone will absolutely encourage you to spend money and you don't know you're doing it. So things like that."

"You know tour buses. On this tour we have day rooms and we're all travelling in one bus. And we actually spend a lot of time in there but the environment on the bus is amazing. Everyone sleeps. It's not like party city or anything like that. There's no smoking or anything like that. But back in the day people would be drinking and smoking and it's just a really unhealthy environment. And it affects you going on. Actually stops you being able to function properly. If you're really into the music and you wanna present yourself in a really good way. You gotta remember all this stuff because it's not fun part. Yeah it is as well but you know that's what will stop a band from being a great band 'cause they'll fall to pieces and you know, slippery slope. So very important the health thing and just maintaining that great frame of mind."

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