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VIVIAN CAMPBELL On DEF LEPPARD's Ambition And Hard Work (Audio)

Def Leppard 2016. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Chicago radio ahead of the Wrigley Field show.

Vivian spoke to DJ Steve Benz for his The Blend With Steve Benz show on 6th June.

Vivian talked about the current 2018 tour with Journey, Phil rejoining, the band staying together, band personalities, pre-show warm ups, musical influences, playing the catalogue live, Last In Line second album in 2019, outside projects, band getting better with age and other bands they could tour with.

He says the new Last In Line album is finished and will be released in 2019 when he will also tour with the band.

The album had been written in the last year with studio recording starting in September 2017.

New album's from both Down 'n' Outz and Delta Deep are also due in 2019.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below.

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The Blend - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2018 Tour With Journey

"That's kinda how it goes. That's what makes it such a good tour. Bands like Def Leppard and Journey just have a very deep catalogue of genuine hit songs. So it's one after the other you know. So it makes for a good night I gotta say."

Phil Rejoining The Tour

"Oh Phil is back and his shirt is very much off. No Phil had to miss some shows last week, he had to fly back to California but everything's good. Everyone is good and we're back in play."

Band Staying Together Through Tough Times

"Well the show must go on you know. The band has been together for 40 years and, might even be 41. I'm the new guy, I've only been here 26 years. So I'm working on my tenure. We have have a lot of ambition. This band has always had a lot of ambition and I remember 26 years ago when I first joined. You know Joe sat me down and talked to me about it and Joe very very much is the originator of Def Leppard you know. He's the driving force behind it but we all kind of step into a role within the band and we all understand the different roles that we have."

"We're very ambitious you know and we also, we work very hard. We don't take ourselves that seriously, but we do take our job seriously. And you know we have a good time doing it."

Recent Success/Younger Audience

"So it just keeps going and it's kind of been growing for us in. I think there's a genuine upside to music piracy for a career band like Def Leppard. We see more and more younger peopel coming to our shows over the years and that number's growing. So our audience is growing and that by extension kind of breathes new life into us you know. And brings new energy to our performance."

"And as far as writing and creating new music. I think that's vital for any band even though record sales are a mere fraction of what they used to be. You know it still is essential for any band to exercise the creative muscle. And Def Leppard is no different when it comes to that."

Last In Line Second Album In 2019

"I've been putting a lot of work into that. We've just actually finished up our second studio album with that. That'll be coming out early 2019 when I'm available to tour it. But I've been busy with Last In Line all this year doing weekend fly shows. You know flying back and forth out of LA and playing three or four shows over a long weekend and it's been great."

"I actually really really appreciate the fact that I get to exercise that muscle and play those early DIO songs. And to play with Vinny Appice again has been a great pleasure. It's a tight band you know. It's a lot of fun."

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