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22 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD's VAULT Album Certified Gold In The USA

Vault Greatest Hits 1995.

Def Leppard's greatest hits album Vault album was certified as Gold in the USA on this day in 1996.

The band's first greatest hits album had been released on 31st October 1995 in the USA.

It entered the album chart at Number 15 on 18th November 1995 which was also its peak position.

Due to a decision to concentrate their two month promo tour in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world the album was not initially as successful as previous releases here.

It later had a major sales boost helped by shows such as 'Behind The Music' and ended up selling over 5 million copies in the US.

The Gold award came just as the band were about to finish the 'Slang' album in Dublin.

Vault Album - USA Certification

  • 5th January 1996 - Gold - (500,000 Album Sales)

Read the full article on the release of Vault and the 3 Continents In One Day world record.

October 1995 Interview Quotes

Joe - "It's the perfect time to do it as far as we're concerned. You know looking at our career overall. We've got a brand new album that's nearly finished coming out in the Spring of next year. And it is a slightly different sound to anything we've done in the past."

Joe - "To have done a Greatest Hits after that record I think would have been a bit opening up the 80s again. And it's something that you know this is a chapter that we think it needs closing off."

Sav on WLAHC - "You hope that that's gonna become a hit as well. I mean it would look a bit out of place if it didn't. But it seems to be doing well. So I mean we're fortunate in that respect. But you need - we wanted to put a new song out there just to actually let people know what is happening. It's basically a good advertisement for the album you know. If the single does well it's like it's a brand new track as well as far as people as concerned."

Joe - "All it's done really is maybe put Slang back two, two/three months back and the way that I would justify that is Def Leppard are putting two albums out in seven or eight months which is a change from one every four years."

Joe - "We just shot a video for When Love & Hate Collide which other than being on your feet for 12 hours which gets a bit tiring. We were literally only there for 12 hours."

Vivian Campbell 1995 Interview Quote

"I'll be honest, when I first heard that there was going to be a greatest hits album before Slang, I thought, "Oh bollocks!". But then, if you think about it, it's the perfect time for Def Leppard to do a hits album because we want the new record to be perceived as something new, so the greatest hits is like closing a chapter. And if the greatest hits is successful, it'll provide a good springboard to release the new album."

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