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DEF LEPPARD To Play GREATEST HITS Show Las Vegas Residency In 2019

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Def Leppard could be set to return to Las Vegas in 2019 with a new residency according to Joe Elliott.

Joe and Phil appeared on Masa Ito's Rock TV show in October when the band were playing three Hysteria & More shows in Japan.

The video has now been made public on YouTube this week.

Joe and Phil talked about how well the 2018 tour has been, the digital/streaming deal, South America, Headline News/Depeche Mode Cover, The Story So Far, We All Need Christmas, new fans, 2019 touring, return for second Las Vegas residency, the Hysteria album, Mutt Lange, Hysteria album success/PSSOM, In the Round staging and the next studio album.

In the lengthy 26 minute interview Joe mentions plans to return to Las Vegas sometime in 2019.

He also rules out playing a full album (Hysteria or Pyromania) in favour of a Greatest Hits set and suggests a bigger venue than The Joint which they played at in March/April 2013. Venues may include a larger theatre or even Mandalay Bay/MGM Grand Garden or T-Mobile Arena arenas.

It's also worth remembering that the interview was done when the band were in Tokyo in late October and plans may have changed since. Especially with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction announcement.

Phil had seemed to suggest it would be Hysteria again in some of his references to USA shows throughout this this years interviews. But these references were always vague and about being asked by promoters to bring the 2018 Hysteria & More show over.

BTW - If it is a large arena then it might tie in to what Phil said about In the Round tours being too expensive for them to do. Perhaps they might do this in Las Vegas only?. Generate interest for a regular setlist show by having this staging. But that's just thinking out loud. Good thought though!.

And to add to this thought Rick Allen did actually say in February of this year that - "We've discussed it" and also - "At some point in the future I think we would do that."

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Masa Ito's Rock TV - Joe Elliott/Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 Success

Joe Elliott - "Yes it's quite possibly been the most commercially successful year of our career. I think maybe even more so than '88."

Phil Collen - "Which is really weird."

Joe - "I mean '88 obviously was different because then there was a record industry and a touring industry. Now not so much a record industry, more just a touring thing. But it's been I'd say as exciting as it was back then. Probably more so because it was unexpected. I mean when you're touring an album like Hysteria you're kind of half expecting it to be a successful record. That's what you're aiming at. But to still be doing it 30, 31 years later is kind of a bit mad."

Joe - "We started in January when we released the information about digital and stuff and we set this tour up. So it's just been building and building really from January. All the way through till...we don't finish until 18th of December in London. So it will be just literally, not touring wise, but from a work point of view a year. A full year just re-establishing the back catalogue and continuing to establish us as a touring band."

2019 Touring

Joe - "It's kind of a continuum really. There won't be a reset in January, but what we've got is the rest of the world that we haven't done. I mean the Journey. The tour with Journey was huge. It was 60 shows in the US and Canada which start mid May and literally finish like three weeks ago. It just went on forever you know."

Joe - "And then we did, we just did a - we rehearsed this particular new, we've reset in Hawaii changing the set out to do the Hysteria album. So we had two shows there and rehearsals and some nice R and R on the beach which was nice and then we start really here. And then that goes through to Australia, New Zealand and then the UK."

2019 Touring/Second Las Vegas Residency

Joe - "Next year then we're gonna do festivals in Europe. We've got Canada. And I don't think it's actually written in stone yet is it?. But there's rumour of another residency in Las Vegas. Maybe. And then after that we've got South America and then they'll be a reset for 2020 'cause we don't really know what we're gonna do yet but we'll be doing something."

Hysteria/Pyromania Full Album Show?

Joe - "No, no it's not. It's not secret. (Phil - "They're asking us."). Otherwise I wouldn't talk about it. But there's no dates set I don't think. I don't think it's gonna be anything that's as specific as VIVA! Hysteria was 'cause we're kinda doing that now. I don't think we're gonna be doing VIVA! Pyromania this time. We might do it one day. Maybe we'll play more from it but I think for the kind of venue that want us in it's more likely to be kind of a Greatest Hits set. To be quite honest we don't really know."

Phil - "A lot of the time we get requests from countries like can you play this album which is kinda weird. When we got the Hysteria thing. It's like OK if you want us to do that sure that'll be great 'cause this is the first time we've ever toured it. When done it in Vegas and we done a festival when we done Hysteria. But it's the first time we've ever done it and if that's what they want we gladly do it, it's great."

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