Tuesday, 7th November 2017
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RICK ALLEN Says DEF LEPPARD To Start Recording New Album In Early 2018

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Def Leppard will start recording their new album in early 2018 according to drummer Rick Allen.

He was interviewed by Gary Graff recently about his ongoing art work.

He talked about artwork, painting, his accident/recovery and new Def Leppard music.

Rick has now suggested a full album could be recorded with ll band members going to Joe's home studio in early 2018, as they had in February 2014 which resulted in the self-titled album.

Joe mentioned on his 28th October radio show that he would in the studio soon working on new Leppard music. It seems he will mostly be busy with Down 'n' Outz until Christmas.

Various band members have spoken about hitting the studio this year with at least one new song promised for 2018.

Phil had previously said the band would start recording new music in October during a June radio interview.

Visit the Album News section for more news on new music (based on band member quotes).

Rick Allen - Interview Quotes

New Def Leppard Album

"here's always new songs on the go. Technology is great for that you know If somebody can't finish it off, send it off to somebody else and say 'I got this far, I just need a bridge or I need a this or I need a that,' or 'Can you do the drums, finish the drums off on this?. You know I just threw a drum machine down. We'll do that and then probably, I'd say early next year we'll probably all get together, probably at Joe's place, Joe's studio, and then see what we’ve got and sort of listen to everything that, all the ideas that people have got and then you know try and piece a record together."

Current Band Time Off

"Everybody's just at home, enjoying family. It's just that sort of, 'Let's just enjoy life for a little bit at the moment,' at home. And then we'll be coming back out again early in the summer, and more of the same, I guess." And there may even be some new music to go with, if all goes well."

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