Wednesday, 15th November 2017
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Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke to We Are 2023 whilst in Belfast this past weekend with video available.

Vivian was interviewed by We Are 2023 who posted the short video of their chat on YouTube.

He talked about what being from Belfast means to him and his love of the city.

We Are 2023 is a campaign linked to Belfast's bid become the European City Of Culture in 2023.

The city is running against Leeds (England), Milton Keynes (England) and Dundee in Scotland.

Vivian was back home to receive the OH YEAH Legend award during the NI Music Prize ceremony on 11th November.

Read his full acceptance speech and view many high quality media photos.

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Renowned Belfast guitarist Vivian Campbell, who has featured in bands including White Snake, Def Leppard and Thin Lizzy, speaks about his love for the city and supports WeAre2023 while there to receive this year's Oh Yeah Legend Award.

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What does 'home' mean to you?

"I've always identified a lot with home. With Ireland. With Belfast. With this city. I think it's served me well in my career. We like to keep it real here in Belfast and you know I've lived for all of my career in Los Angeles, California where it's not so real perhaps you know. So being from Belfast has helped keep me grounded and I haven't lived in the city for a long time but I take it with me wherever I go. And you know I think the city has come on so much in the decades since I left here and it's great to come back and see this vibrant arts scene that's going on and it's a wonderful place."

"It's a very, very different city from the city I grew up in. But it's definitely headed in the right direction. Coming back at least once a year, I've been able to chart that progress. And I am happy to say Belfast is one of the top three rock cities in the world. And having played all around the world with so many bands. I would count Belfast and Montreal and Buenos Aires as the top three rock cities that I've ever played and Belfast is consistently great ."

"It's always a pleasure to come back and to play here."

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