Sunday, 29th January 2017
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Joe Elliott Show 28th January 2017 Playlist/Transcript (#337)

Joe Elliott 2015. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott hosted another edition of his weekly radio show last night on Planet Rock.

This week's show included songs by The Police, Mott The Hoople and Down 'n' Outz.

Joe paid tribute to Def Leppard co-manager Howard Kaufman who passed away on 19th January aged 79. Joe and Sav also paid tribute to him at a private memorial event in Los Angeles on 25th January.

The full playlist is shown below and a full transcript.

The show is available until next Saturday using the On Demand feature. It is also repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The Joe Elliott Show - 28th January 2017 Playlist (#337)

  • 01 - Mott - Storm
  • 02 - Down 'n' Outz - Stiff Upper Lip
  • 03 - Mott The Hoople - Born Late '58
  • 04 - David Bowie - Stay
  • 05 - The Police - Synchronicity II
  • 06 - Aerosmith - Beyond Beautiful
  • 07 - Boston - Rock And Roll Band
  • 08 - Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
  • 09 - Paul McCartney & Wings - Live And Let Die (Live)
  • 10 - James Gang - Walk Away
  • 11 - Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again
  • 12 - E.L.O. - Poker

Show Intro

"Evening all and welcome to the Joe Elliott show once again here on the wonderful Planet Rock. Coming to you this week all the way from Los Angeles in California where I've been based for the last few days. Celebrating David Bowie came to Los Angeles at The Wiltern Theatre. I was very privileged to be able to perform at both nights. But it's been a very weird week. I'll explain more later on. I think it was a whirlwind a couple of weeks ago. This week it's been a real storm. More about that after this particular storm by Mott."


"From their 1976 album Shouting And Pointing, that is Mott with a song called Storm. Written mostly by one Mr. Petter 'Overend' Watts who sadly, after a six year very private battle with throat cancer, lost that battle this week. He has now gone to join his mate Buffin who passed away a year ago. So that's the rhythm section for Mott, Mott The Hoople and later on the British Lions reunited for that great gig in the sky."

Down 'n' Outz

"We're gonna keep celebrating Pete Watts' music. Here's a song originally recorded in 1975 for an album called Drive On, recorded a good 35 years later by the Down 'n' Outz. That's gonna be followed by what's known as a classic album track by Mott The Hoople."

"And before that the Down 'n' Outz from The Further Adventures Of The Down 'n' Outz with their version of the Mott classic from 1975 Stiff Upper Lip. Rest in peace Overend Watts."

Mott The Hoople

"From their 1974 album The Hoople that is Mott The Hoople. A song sung by Petter 'Overend' Watts. A song called Born Late '58, which of course he also wrote."

David Bowie

"OK so back to Celebrating David Bowie, of the three shows that I've been involved with, every night this song has gone down an absolute storm."

"And before that a song that I mentioned earlier on. Been going down an absolute storm every night. Sung on the night by Bernard Fowler. But there from the album Station To Station we heard David Bowie with the song Stay."

The Police

"From their 1983 album Synchronicity. That is The Police with Synchronicity II and I play that because the Celebrating David Bowie in The Wiltern Theatre of Los Angeles, the line up featured Sting. Where he very bravely took on music from the album that had only just been released before David passed away. The Blackstar album. He played and sang the song Blackstar. He also did the song Lazarus and he made them his own. Tip of the hat to Sting for doing that. It really was inspiring and quite spooky to watch from the side of the stage."

"Another reason I was in Los Angeles was sadly for a funeral. The manager for Def Leppard for the last 12 years, a gentleman called Howard Kaufman, sadly passed away last week at the age of 79. If I was to read out right now every band that he's managed, it would take till the end of the show to just get them in. Suffice to say plenty of 'em, massive names. I'm gonna celebrate his life after the break with some of the band that he's managed over the years. Starting off with those bad boys from Boston."


"And before that Aerosmith, latter day Aerosmith if you like. From the album Just Push Play with the fantastic Beyond Beautiful."


"From their massively successful debut album that is Boston with a song called Rock And Roll Band."

Howard Kaufman

"I mentioned just before the break how the manager for Def Leppard for the last 12 years or so, Mr. Howard Kaufman, sadly passed away last week. Listen to this list of artists. This is just a short list of a few people he's managed over the last 35, 50 years or so. The Eagles, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Boston and Aerosmith who we just heard, Steely Dan, Heart, Whitesnake, Mick Jagger, Styx, The Cult, Bad English, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh. I could go on forever. He also oversaw massive tours. The next couple of bands you're gonna hear. He took them into stadiums where they belonged."

Rolling Stones

"And before that from the album Let It Bleed. A song the Rolling Stones very rarely don't play live. Gimme Shelter."

Paul McCartney & Wings

"From the Wings Over America live album from 1976 I believe it was. An album and tour that Howard Kaufman helped put together for Paul McCartney and Wings. We just heard the very bombastic live version of Live And Let Die."

James Gang

"On that list I just read out was one Mr. Joe Walsh. Here is is with his breakthrough band. The James Gang."

"And before that Joe Walsh, which was actually taken from his Look What I Did compilation album, we heard the James Gang with a fantastic Walk Away."

Fleetwood Mac

"I play that because HK, as he was affectionately known, was also tied in with Fleetwood Mac because he managed Stevie Nicks. There from the album Rumours, The song Never Going Back Again."

Show Outro

"And that my friends all the way from Los Angeles in California is about it for this week. It's been a very mixed week actually. Very mixed emotions. However I shall be back next week at the same time god willing to do this all over again because life goes on."

"And it's gonna go on right now for another three minutes or so with another band that HK managed. It's the Electric Light Orchestra. From their album Face The Music and this is a song called Poker. Until next week see ya!."

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