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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
29 Years Ago Def Leppard's Hysteria Tour Visits Detroit, MI (Video)

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Def Leppard 1987.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard played a Hysteria tour show in Detroit, MI on 2nd November 1987 and video footage is available.

The show took place at the 20,000 capacity Joe Louis Arena.

This was the band's first time in Detroit since selling out two nights at the same venue in August 1983 on the Pyromania tour. Shows which sold out faster than Led Zeppelin in the 1970s and broke house records.

This show was attended by Vivian Campbell and the rest of Whitesnake who were supporting Motley Crue on the Girls, Girls, Girls tour at the same time. The first time he had seen the band live despite being a fan since 1979.

Vivian has since mentioned he also saw an outdoor show in July or August 1988 and that Whitesnake suspected they were using backing vocal tapes.

Joe once mentioned in a late 80s interview that Rudy Sarzo asked him about it backstage, probably at one of these shows.

Rick Allen celebrated his 24th birthday the day before the show.

The band played for around one hour and 50 minutes. 16 songs were in the current setlist including the extended version of 'Another Hit And Run' and 'Let It Go' which would be dropped by the time the band returned to North America in May 1988.

Highlights include the brilliant 'Too Late For Love', 'Gods Of War', 'Die Hard The Hunter' and the extended 'singalong' version of 'Rock Of Ages'. Plus Phil and Sav briefly playing Rick's drums before and during the last song and everyone stealing Rick's hat.

Steve and Phil's guitar solos are also included and it's fun to watch/hear the differences between this show and the ones filmed in Denver, CO in February 1988 which were used for the 'In The Round-In Your Face' concert video.

Watch the full show via the playlist.

Joe Elliott - Women Intro

"Well good evening Detroit. How ya feeling tonight?. Are we ready for a little bit of Mass Hysteria?. OK so we just got like one thing missing here. Tell 'em Phil."

Joe Elliott - Steve Clark Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. That was Hysteria and this is Mr. Stephen Clark on the lead guitar."

Joe Elliott - BOTH Intro

"Well thank you very much. Well Detroit how do you like the stage?. Nice one. Well we're quite proud of that because we wanted to do something a little bit different on this tour. So we thought, f**k it, let's put it in the middle. So we're gonna do something else that's a little bit different for ya right now. This is one of our older songs. We're gonna do it a brand new way for ya. With the aid of Mr. Philip Flamenco Collen on the acoustic guitar. And Steve Clark on his precious twin neck Gibson. I hope ya like it. It goes like this."

Joe Elliott - PSSOM/Rick Allen Intro

"Well Detroit. The Motor City. In the - in the immortal words of one Mr. Robert Plant. It's been a long time since we rock and rolled. But I tell ya. It's f**king great to be back. And in the four years or since that we've been away I think it's been pretty well documented what's happened to this band. We've had a few ups and we've had a few downs. But I think it's pretty safe to say. That the biggest up we ever had, was the return of The Thundergod!. Talking about Rick Allen on the drums. So Detroit, we need your helping hands on this one. I wanna to see everybody with their hands way, way, way up above their heads. YEAH! Here we go."

Joe Elliott - Phil Collen Guitar Solo/Let It Go Intro

"Well Mr. Phil Collen on the lead guitar."

Joe Elliott - Rock Of Ages Intro

"Thank you. And Ricky Allen who was 24 years old yesterday, has got four magical little words for ya - (Rick - "Gunter Glieben Glouten Globen.") Happy Birthday mate. I got something to say. It's better to burn out, than fade away. We're gonna start a fire."

Joe Elliott - Photograph Intro

"Thank you very much. Well check this out, it's Marilyn Monroe."

Joe Elliott - Good Golly Miss Molly Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. I think we'll stay on for one more song. What do you think Detroit?. You wanna hear another one?. Yeah. Say yeah!. You wanna hear some Rock and Roll music?. Yeah say what?. Say what?!. Right then. Motor City. This is your last chance to make some noise. Are you out there?. Alright I tell you what. We're gonna play you a little tune that was written by Little Richard and it goes like this. Let's count this one in together. Are you ready?. Alright here we go. One... Let's try that again. One, two, one, two. One, two, three, four."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Detroit. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Goodnight."

Watch all the footage from the show on this YouTube Playlist

Def Leppard 1987 Detroit, MI Fan Videos.

Fan photos and reviews from any past tour can be submitted - Here

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