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Phil Collen Praises Mutt Lange's Amazing Work On The Hysteria Album

Friday, 11th March 2016

Hysteria 1987.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Californian radio yesterday and mentioned the Hysteria album.

Phil talked about his early band Dumb Blondes/Girl, working out/working hard as a band, Delta Deep, his early days in London, REO Speedwagon, producing Tesla, if he'd change any Def Leppard songs, the Hysteria album and Run Riot/Don't Shoot Shotgun.

Phil praised Mutt Lange and again talked about his work on the next Tesla album.

Listen to the full 6 minute interview below.

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Stu, Tiffany And Jimbo/K-CAL Rocks 96.7 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

REO Speedwagon/Producing Tesla/Favourite Songs

"Keep On Loving You, the big hit. The Tesla one is - I like Modern Day Cowboy. That's my favourite Tesla one."

"I'm actually producing the new Tesla album as well. So in between you know being in Orange County. I'm back - up and down to Sacramento and we're actually gonna be doing stuff on tour. Which is actually really cool. You know backstage and dressing rooms."

Hysteria Album/Change Any DL Songs?

"Not really. I think they all work for whatever they do. You know when we was doing the Hysteria thing in Vegas. It really hit home to me what an amazing album that was. How much work Mutt Lange put into it. You know he actually really kind of steered it and even with the song writing and the sound of the band and getting us to perform a certain way. It was amazing what he did. He doesn't actually get enough credit for the genius that he is."

"So that was really cool and that really hit home. So yeah I wouldn't really change a thing really. I think everything has it's right place and you know it's right function for whenever it is."

Run Riot/Don't Shoot Shotgun

"Actually there's a few. There's actually one on Hysteria that I think if we'd have spent a little bit more time on the song Run Riot and (Don't Shoot) Shotgun. I think we've have made them better songs. We've actually said that. You know but we run out of time. I mean we only had three years putting it out. I think if we'd have had four, then those two would've been perfect. But they're really cool. They actually work but I think that could've been a little bit better. Just those two songs."

"We run out of time. I mean someone pulled the plug. It's like three years. It's like come on!. Yeah we needed four."

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