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Vivian Campbell On Def Leppard's Slang Album/Last In Line

Friday, 19th February 2016

Vivian Campbell 2015.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Talking Metal and mentioned the Slang album.

Vivian talked to One On One With Mitch Lafon about the new Last In Line album Heavy Crown, the band history, DIO, the status of the band after Jimmy Bain's death, Trinity, the Slang album, recording with LIL and Def Leppard, Steve Brown, Gothard, Riverdogs, Steve Brown, studio time and gave another update on the his health status.

Last In Line's Heavy Crown album was released around the world today.

Listen to the full 56 minute podcast below. Vivian is on from the start until 31 mins in.

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Talking Metal/Mitch Lafon - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Recording The Slang Album

"I think scattered is actually a good word to describe recording the Slang album. Leppard went in to make that record knowing only one thing as fact, and that was that we couldn't make a Def Leppard record. We couldn't make a record that sounded like Def Leppard. We had to try all these different things. So we were very scattered. We were very direction less on it and we didn't have Mutt Lange. We didn't have that kind of producer you know. We went into the studio with Pete Woodroffe who was an engineer/co-producer. But he was not, at least not at that stage of his career, he was not forceful enough to shape the direction of the record or the band."

"And a lot of stuff was happening personally with the band. I think you know a lot of grown up stuff was starting to happen like death, divorce. So it was hard to kind of get your head around singing songs like Let's Get Rocked. You know we weren't gonna do anything like that on the record that's for sure. For various reasons like I just explained. So it was, it was very experimental and I think it's fair to say it was quite direction less. But it was all we could do at the time. And under the circumstances it actually came out good. I think sonically it's a great sounding record because as a result of all this confusion you know. We, Def Leppard, at the time kind of recorded live. And that was very much not the kind of thing that Def Leppard did but we actually were pretty solid at the time. So it was good and Pete was a good enough engineer to capture the sound of the band live. And Rick went back to using an acoustic kit in whatever way he could on that record. So the guitar tones, the drum tones and the organic sound of the record is actually sonically really, really strong I think."

"Personally and I think you'd get five different answers from all five members of Def Leppard on this. But personally I think we probably could of spent a little bit more time polishing some of the songs you know. Incorporating a little bit more of the aspects that we were strong on like the hooks and some more backing vocals. As opposed to making it as stripped down and raw as it was. But you know other people might disagree."

Last In Line Heavy Crown Album

"It came out great and it was so easy to make. It was such a joyous, free-flowing, organic experience and we knew it was gonna be a good record and it exceed our expectations. And it was really a perfect match for us to end up working with Jeff Pilson. He just totally brought out the best in Andrew in particular. And he completely understood what we were trying to do and didn't sully the process at all and in fact really helped us to achieve the goal. So it was great and we're very, very proud of the record."

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