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Joe Elliott Says The New Bon Jovi Studio Album Is Great

Sunday, 7th August 2016

Bon Jovi 2016.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott praised the new Bon Jovi studio album on his weekly radio show last night.

Joe also mentioned his recent visit from Jon Bon Jovi during the latest edition of his Planet Rock radio show.

He suggested Jon had played him the new Bon Jovi album which may be released in early October.

Bon Jovi announced the 12th August release date for the album's title track and first single 'This House Is Not For Sale' in the last couple of days.

Jon visited Joe on 22nd July whilst in town for one of his "Runaway Tours" private fan club shows.

His three day visit included a 15 song solo acoustic show at The Academy venue on the same day.

Jon talked about the new album in March and said the band were really pleased with it. It will be their first since guitarist Richie Sambora left the band in April 2013 during their 'Because We Can' tour.

Phil Collen later revealed in April 2015 that this caused Def Leppard/Bon Jovi tour touring plans to be scrapped.

The Joe Elliott Show - 6th August 2016 Quotes

Dublin Visit

"If you're a firm follower of Facebook or you like to Tweet. You may have seen a couple of weeks ago that Mr. Jon Bon Jovi himself came to visit me in Dublin. He was here doing a private show. He was staying in a hotel about ten minutes from my house. So he came round for a cup of tea and a biscuit. And what fun we had. It was great. And I was gonna play a song but I'd already got my setlists all chosen for the last couple of shows. So honourable thing, we play him this week."

Bon Jovi - This House In Not For Sale (New Album)

"From his last album. An album called Burning Bridges. And have I heard his new album?. I couldn't dare say. And is it great?. Yes, it is. But I haven't heard it yet. So how would I know?. That is an album called Burning Bridges. The last album that came out just before Christmas I think it was. Bon Jovi with a song called We Don't Run."

Jon Bon Jovi March 2016 New Album Interview Quotes

"The record's done. The record is just being mixed now. I'm ecstatic with it. If for nothing else, out of pain come great songs. And I'm really, really, really, really happy with the record."

"I think weve got a fantastic representation of who we are at this time. So, the intention is to get it out this fall - sooner than later, because it's been sitting on my computer forever, but we're really pleased with it."

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