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Thursday, 4th June 2015

Solvesborg, Sweden - Media Reviews

Def Leppard lit up the evening By Jonathan Lundberg | Original

A strong Thursday at the Sweden Rock Festival was crowned in a sparkling way of Def Leppard, who once and for all proved why they are the same now as thirty years ago.

Def Leppard began the evening with a bang with one of its most high-energy songs Rock! Rock! ('Til You Drop). Behind the band loose neon signs up that brought to mind a bar street in 50 century London, and the feeling was reinforced by British flag affixed to all instruments. Stage show was well-planned and well visible, but remained a nice background for the music rather than taking over the musical experience - just as they promised earlier in his press conference.

The crowd's cheers sounded not long in coming and the feeling of success continued into the whole concert through, not least the band's top hit song Pour Some Sugar On Me thundered into the night. Singer Joe Elliott's voice was crystal clear when he once and for all proved why Def Leppard's music is timeless, how to capture a uniquely broad audience and why their place in rock history is far from over. In short: the Sweden Rock crowd had little to complain about a fantastic concert!

By Sydostran 2015 - Translated.

So Def Leppard Sweden Rock By Anders Dahlbom | Original

A festival with a full focus on the eighties finishes first real date with a stable time travel.

Def Leppard pretend fortunate that nothing has happened since they were the greatest.

Eighties reigns in Norje. This year more than ever.

It's like Sweden Rock this year not even trying to pretend otherwise. There is of course an idea. With an average age of 39 years of the festival audience is the eighties, the time when musical heroes were born for medium visitor. And the old tapes love rusts notoriously Never. All the three largest reservations in years - Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest - peaked during the decade.

Then there is always the question how to manage their inheritance. "People will not remember Def Leppard for our lifestyle, but for the music," said guitarist Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard press conference before the concert. There, he understood right in. Nothing can take away from Def Leppard that special sound that made "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" to such hysterical success during MTV's decade.

Sheffieldbandet also end on Thursday at the Sweden Rocks biggest stage of digging up a time capsule from the past. Guitarist Phil Collens just spend seems completely unaffected by the ravages of time. Joe Elliott is as always an unwieldy frontman (he resembles a rower who släntrat wrong on stage and taken over närhan're there) but sings suspect a lot better now than later here seven years ago. In "Hysteria" and "Photograph" Roll album-photos and music videos from Leppard eighties on the big screens. In "Armageddon It" rolls siffrorpå screens on risk night infected by AIDS. Stage show consists mostly of really pompous light just like the ... Well, you get.

Now the concert not only an inward-nostalgic show. Def Leppard sound particularly good, very good. And the song material is of course nothing wrong, not when it is rendered with such clarity and respect.

So a solid time travel, Def Leppard.

By Expressen 2015 - Translated.

Fantastic unevenly, Def Leppard By Markus Larsson | Original

Great hits.

And a terrific uneven show.

The sound is the same.

Def Leppard dipping rich AC / DC -riff spun sugar.

The recipe sold more than popcorn in the 80s.

Hit singles were so radio-friendly that stereos from Kiruna in the north and Ystad in south ran out and bought condoms. They did not want to risk having too much unprotected sex.

And although Def Leppard is so accessible to everyone, just everyone is welcome, there is really no other that sounds like them.

Although the live slot drummer Rick Allen where the archetypal, wet sound of music which was equivalent to the shoulder pads for approximately 28 years ago. It frolicking and splashing firmly into the PA system.

Def Leppard built his attitude to songs, songs, songs. Together with producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange created a formula of gold.

It is still impossible to find any errors or omissions in the "Animal".

Or a "Photograph".

Or an "Hysteria".

It is as if the melodies are equipped with bulletproof glass and guarded by 100 Secret Service agents. They can not access or harm.

With that not said that the gig has no weak moments and question marks.

Sometimes it seems that the British rock'n'pop band does not know how to fill the gaps between their evergreens.

How else to explain Rick Savage's pointless and clumsy bass solo? Or Phil Collens and Vivian Campbell as dull guitar duel in "Switch 625"? Or rumphuggna Covern on "Rock on" by David Essex?

It is also difficult to understand why the singer Joe Elliott, who constantly try to wield its stand as Rod Stewart, must cool down the mood further with the acoustic bagatelle "Two Steps Behind".

The main songs and the melodies had plenty able to stand for themselves.

Then include the singers and choirs sometimes becomes too difficult to recreate live. The band does not have quite the same voice capacity longer, which becomes evident in the shaky version of "Love Bites".

But there have been worse nostalgia at these stages before.

For a band that has always sounded best in a pair of expensive headphones surpasses the concert expectations.

By Afton Bladet 2015 - Translated.

Live Review From Sweden Rock By Calle Englund | Original

When the clock is approaching half past ten on Thursday night and the cold creeps in, it is finally time for the festival's first real headliner to enter the stage, namely Def Leppard.

The British hard rock giants hardly needs a detailed presentation, either for your readers or for the festival audience. The band has promised a proper greatest hits sets and keeps it right from the start with the opening duo, "Rock til you drop" and "Animal". What strikes me is how tight and vital sounds of a band of about 40 years old.

One might perhaps expect that the tape will implement most of the break played hits a little in passing, but it really shows how much Def Leppard love it here and the songs averkas both the weight and empathy needed. Def Leppard know that their strength lies in hits and nostalgia, and it is also where the band chooses to put energy, which is a smart move. For it is in the 80-century time machines "Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph" as both the band and the audience lights on all cylinders.

Rating: 8/10

Best: "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is one of the sexiest songs.

Worst: That one of the band's best moments, "Action" is not aired.

By Rocknytt 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard By Tommy Lund Pettersen | Original

There is one band that helped define the '80s, it was Def Leppard. It is still pure hardrock applicable.

We are concerned about the music, not image and extra-musical piece, telling the press conference, and reveals that the secret to stay together as long as they have done is ready to share dressing room on tour. They interact with each other and like each other still.

When they run started Animal as the second song, we know that this will be a hit parade. They play loud and guitar solos characterize the concert. They are extremely interoperable, so all the songs sound good. Also ballads like Love Bites sounds hairy out.

Def Leppard is perhaps the definition of glam metal, and with hits like Pour Some Sugar On Me and Rocket from the mammoth success-album Hysteria did Britain Thursday evening particularly vehement. Hits and rock foot loose when Rockit, Hysteria, Let's Get Rocked, Rock Of Ages and Photograph concludes the concert.

By Hissig 2015 - Translated.

Review and gallery Sweden Rock Festival 2015 By Niclas Muller-Hansen | Original

Sheffieldpojkarna offered a neat show and sounded better than expected. Def Leppard is one of those bands I still grieves me that I never looked at the sweet 80's when it really went. I was not in place at the Scandinavium in 1988 remains a mystery.

Gig at the SRF was sometimes damn good (maybe for good, if you know what I mean?), And the band proved once again how all the years created a tight musical craftsmanship. Joe's voice is really good. He's from and not been on top clean in terms of votes, but this evening is most tones where they should, even if some assistance might be involved? The setlist does not offer any major surprises, but what does that when the tapes can burn off hit after hit after hit?

Strong opening with "Rock, Rock (till you drop)", "Animal" and "Let It Go". Great light and great sound contributes also to a well-sharpened show, showing that the band still has a lot to give. The new album will be very interesting to hear. Can we hope for a small nod to the good old sound?

The center portion of the show that includes "Two Steps Behind" is perhaps less exciting, but it passes quickly in amusement when they burn the "Rocket," "Switch 625" and "Let's Get Rocked", the latter can sometimes be a little semi-bad, but now sounds really good.

The conclusion of "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph" is nothing other than sweet nostalgia for an old-timer like myself. I leave the band for Ghost and feel that Def Leppard works very well. Best of all though is that Vivian Campbell looks to feel really good after their illness.

By Rock Severige 2015 - Translated.

SRF '15: Thursday By Daniel Pilgaard/Signe Andersen | Original

The evening featured the main name Def Leppard, who gave the same set list as the concert, we notified in Esbjerg, the week before. They were enthusiastic and a good start, the good Britons, but the conclusion seems to be the same as in Jutland. Not much was left to chance, and Def Leppard drove the stone home safely in the routine.

By Devilution 2015 - Translated.


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