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Saturday, 23rd May 2015

Prague, Czech Republic - Media Reviews

Macove Def Leppard Hysteria has not wake up, but still rolling By Alena Bilkova/Thomas Rumler | Original

Inscriptions on black T-shirts in a flash font Frizzy hair dzisky and crooks surrounded O2 arena, as if the film was shot on location Kamarad rain. Devoted audience should therefore Def Leppard sure even after thirty-eight years of career. Not all the bands would have their place but managed to offer more than a memorial party.

As the setlist and stage-image hinted that it will travel in time. But if you're playing the eighties, you can easily meet with derision. Combination glittering gloves, revealed "Sixpack" and screening kits comb smacks of freshness Program beer festival somewhere in Kozojedy. But in Kozojedy usually leaving only - today - somewhat amusing forms and, of course, a miserable performance.

In contrast, Def Leppard still capable of a sharp squeeze glam rock atmosphere, which could make the trip to released 80s love even those born later, as the author of this article, which at the time of Pyromania and Hysteria has not even been in the world. While that may seem half dead wheezy Leppard are going to play just for matadors, the opposite is true. On stage, nobody dies. Joe Elliot interludes in the rhythm overcomes the microphone with a fluttering flag belt from hand to hand energetically as well as retro-ups, which are projected behind him. He handles both singing solo with the choir and band. Exemplary teamwork characteristic choral chants, dragging a microphone, rich sound of guitars and drums specially equipped for handicapped Rick Allen still writes books stadionoveho sound.

The concept of alternating harder stones, which, as expected, at precise intervals followed by a plaintive ballad, also works well as thirty years ago. Says Amanda, who also played at the chord - with this model is nowadays often encounter and it is good to remind him. Def Leppard brings into the twenty-first century emotional depth interspersed with apparently ambiguous texts (You got the peaches, I got the cream), while behind them flings foot neon brush, and it seems that it was bands like Def Leppard knows exactly what it takes "to be guy ". Much rock'n'roll, sex, no promises and few Femme Fatales what they have grounded the heart muscle beneath leather jackets. And best of all, you still believe it.

SECOND LOOK THOMAS Rumler: Def Leppard time stopped, even if it tried.

Def Leppard submit further evidence that good songs are timeless. The musicians themselves this way unfortunately not immune. Thus, Joe Elliott occasionally found myself outside the limits set out many times hearing from studio recording. British half of the concert donated their jewels Pyromania and Hysteria. Access the current millennium, they did not want. Catastrophic scenarios associated with the Y2K failed to materialize, despite risking five and paused at the farthest album Euphoria (1999). Even the original cover of Rock On comes from the 70s. Of causing mass hysteria it's not. On a very nice memorial evening but it was enough.

With so many souped bestovkami Def Leppard have always plenty to choose from and so hard Mess. The only thing they are not regarding this tour can criticize is that they completely forgot the songs from past albums. Even their last Lines of Action Songs From the Sparkle Lounge 2008 brought several promising stadiĆ³novek. While overseas embarking on daring projects, which included performances. With pop girl next door Taylor Swift on his own clothesline play it safe. But with honor. This may allow a number of artists who have experienced the peak of a career in curly osmdesatkach, envy.

By iReport 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard conquered Prague By David Havlena | Original

Who knows, he can. DEF LEPPARD is a legend. DEF LEPPARD even after thirty-eight years is still at the top of pyramid rock.

Much decently crowded O2 Arena experienced a night during which passes willies hair on his body bristling with excitement ... and nostalgia reigned as Dave tour the old family album. This album could withstand without a doubt the label of "Hysteria", but also the seeds of further episodes Leppard's career sounded great. Just mention the writer as "Foolin '," "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" or acoustically Elliott played "Two Steps Behind". The issue was unnecessary dusting own archive. The band sounded surprisingly fresh and guitar duo Collen / Campbell excelled and one-armed drummer Rick Allen at some point even allowed himself a short solo. Elliot vocally not suffer, on the contrary. Perfect atmosphere underscored dynamic video, which is when "hysteria" triggered by archival footage of the band. Phew, that was power. On the screens of young guys on stage veteran matadors. The contrast of the past with the present intervention was due to black. As though DEF LEPPARD screened before a crowd of his own life. Add another fantastic sound and you have a concert to be forgotten. DEF LEPPARD are getting in shape, so let's see whether this autumn and spotlighting new album, they already have done. Will the fifteen songs on it ... but let's not.

By Spark Rock Magazine 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard between past and present By Jaroslav Spulak | Original

Five from the British Sheffield came into the world in 1977. During osmatricetileta career has released ten studio albums, two live and fifty singles. Grammy Awards to his credit does not possess, but won two American Music Awards.

In the seventies was one of the main predstavitelkam New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Later, however, he deviated from the genre and began operating in hard rock associated with glam metal. In her songs are aggressive guitar foundation over it nevertheless breakthrough melodic vocal lines and in many songs as well as stadium melodious songs.

Prague concert program but that has not kept the spirit. True, at the outset voiced Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) and immediately after the legendary Animal. During the evening, but there was a solo bass guitarist Rick Savage, solo moments experienced and guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell and rhythmic prowess showed a one-armed drummer Rick Allen, who years ago lost in a car accident on his left upper limb and came back with a drum pedals, which operates via a set as if it was physically quite right.

OK, not outstanding performance

The positive aspect of the concert was a huge rear projection, which offered a detailed look at what is happening on stage, animations and some songs in Hysteria song and footage from ancient times, when he was a band member Steve Clark, who in 1991 overdosed on a mixture of drugs and alcohol.

Def Leppard concert had decent sound, lasted an hour and forty minutes and culminated songs Hysteria, Let's Get Rocked, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rock af Ages and Photograph. Joe Elliott's vocal performance was fairly good, but not outstanding, and guitarists with vocals sometimes forgotten and left everything on the frontman. He then starred in the song Two Steps Behind, he sang and accompanied at the same time the acoustic guitar.

The British band played straight rock concert. Not avoid old habits and concert simultaneously revered modern rock sound that their albums in recent years gave.

By Novinky 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard hits and was offered as an acoustic song By JSK | Original

British Def Leppard into the Czech Republic now and then come back, and did so again this year. In Prague, after the Polish performance refrain equal five days, while on Friday toured in Ostrava on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in the capital. On the second concert arrived about eight thousand spectators.

Def Leppard while having almost completed new album, which they would like to explore the fall, however seventeen songs in the main section and two in the addition were pleasant ride past that the British band began in 1977 when he helped build on his feet New Wave of British Heavy metal. Later, from the Style after all, greatly diverted and flew to the energetic rock songs, which is dominated by melodies and guitar sound.

Def Leppard began the song Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop), and it ranked right at the legendary Animal. Then it is on the scene much played for effect, because a large tailgate offered scope for interesting accompanying video effects, reminders of old times, or simply gaze at what was happening on stage. Bands beneath planted Stone for stone, played with short solos, vocals and moods, and there was even a song Two Steps Behind, as he sang and played acoustic guitar only singer Joe Elliott.

Def Leppard is transferred over an hour and a half until the final pisnickovemu triumvirate Hysteria, Let's Get Rocked and Pour Some Sugar on Me and then also admixing Rock of Ages and Photograph. In the lobby, although not the best sound, but a rock concert that was satisfactory.

By Play 2015 - Translated.

Def Leppard mesmerized Prague By Katarina Sepetavc | Original

Finally, it came so long awaited Friday and with a planned trip to Prague. Of course, this time our priority task was not view the beautiful sights of Prague, but the group Def Leppard concert.

Strong rains the night we were clearly out of our country, we at eleven in the evening by bus organized by Koncerti.net walked through Austria against the Czech Republic. Night driving us otherwise tired, but real sleep for most refused to be. This has helped the excitement and expectation of the concert the group that most of this year's passengers to Prague has never seen live.

Early in the morning we stopped in Prague and see the old town and the famous Charles Bridge. Of course we had to stop in Prague Hard Rock Cafe-ROM. After accommodation at the hotel followed by departure to Prague O2 Arena. Prague organizers this time have not yet opened the hall and the front door were already gathering first enthusiasts of this British band. Outside we waited a whole hour, at half past seven in the evening were us guards, however, pity and let us in the sports hall. The review that followed, we would envy even the security guards at US airports - examined us with more metal detectors, as well as any travel bag through the X-ray. When we were all wheezing devices nevertheless fallen through, followed by jogging to the best positions in the hall.

Again, it is followed by wait during which we can admire the work of the technical team that is working hard to repair the defective parts of the side's big screen. Repairs have not been successful, so a few light bulbs which darkens sometimes with black tape. Observing technicians at work hour passed quickly, and at eight he finally stepped onto the stage first group - the Czech hardrockerji Citron. Citron apply to the legends of Czech rock. They play since 1976 and in its rich musical career, they released 14 albums. Although not well-understood language, we can enjoy the quality exquisite concert with hard guitar riffs and pure vocals. Citron certainly appear much at home as the stage mileage aware of all the members who are not at all scared almost 10,000 heads crowds below. It was also observed that Citron as a large base of fans who were excited to witness their performance. After half an hour they completed their part of the concert and followed the express cleaning and preparation stage. Since we did not want to lose a good position under the stage, we prefer to shun the wonderful taste of Czech beer and the rest of the hall, where we are not allowed to enter the beverage. At nine, when on stage, accompanied by a stencil (re) long version The dynamically linked Who Will not Get Fooled Again, occupied by members of the group Def Lepprad, but we all delicious Czech beer already completely forgotten.

They started with Rock Breaker! Rock! (Till You Drop). A small, poorly functioning big-screen e, who were on stage during gameplay Citron are technicians during the break, and harvest stage was lit up in a variety of LED bulbs around the background. Colour scenery for the group were really beautiful and have all the time the concert theme shifts. Sound technicians are arranged immediately after the first song, and so we can at the wonderful sound symphony also enjoy at the forefront of the stage. At the beginning of the song Animal sound in the hall already border on perfection, the audience was already warmed up to the "co-operative" temperature. It is also felt vocalist Joe Elliott, and also with him began to subside initial uncertainty and tension, so the singing has released closer to the audience and addressed to participate. This example was followed by other members of the group. Through setlisto hits were members of punches without any major complications, the audience is increasingly heated shouting refrains along with backvokalisti. Def Leppard studio are covered with strong vocals of all group members and also live this visible component of their music does not fail. Even with a higher voltage were all present overheard how Joe will be able to sing high notes in his songs. Recordings last concerts of the singer in the group that display skill in a fairly miserable light. This time Joe and his voice did not deny - it was truly felt like it was Joe decided to give its maximum powders audience. The audience was able to appreciate it, so that the smiles on stage and relaxed atmosphere adding to them by the minute. Even most of the time serious with botox face nafilan bassist Rick Savage-but he occasionally pulled into a smile at the sight of enthusiastic audience. Guitarist Phil Collen and Vivian Campell have healed their mischief on guitar to show you quite often come to the fore just before fotopit and Vivian really could not hide the enthusiasm that once again stands on stage after the dive cancer. Guitar skills as well as serious illness could not overcome, because ubiralcema strings is really not shake hands.

The first highlight of the concert reached between acoustic execution of Two Steps Behind, where Joe Elliott showed they can also zabrenkati basic chords on an acoustic guitar. A willing audience, which by then already ate Joe-u handheld is the singer helped sing the refrains that they can remain members of the group thoroughly relax. Another highlight was the song performed Hysteria. The entire backdrop to the stage during the song filled with photographs from the early years groups when Def Leppard with its guitar riffs decorated for the majority of fans still missing and irreplaceable member Steve Clark. His paintings are full most of the behind the scenes throughout the whole song and I can say that had the whole hall at pripevanju tears in his eyes at the memory of the painful loss of great talent.

Striking, as they began the concert are also a regular part of your completed - with Let's Get Rocked and Pour Some Sugar On Me. Loud roar of the audience's band bring it back to the stage and are still playing Rock Of Ages and Photograph. At the end of the concert he came to bow and say goodbye as a miraculous one-armed boy Rick Allen, who has been the majority of the concert hidden behind their cymbals. At the sound of Kings Of The World are members of Def Leppard slow farewell and retreated from the stage.

An unforgettable experience Def Leppard concert is a complement relaxed socializing on the bus on the way home, where we have a hoarse throats continue to loudly sing hits, which we have heard in the concert. Wonderful weekend tasty beer, good company and the magic of the concert of the British legends on stage to show that they are not just a bunch of people who share a love of music, but a real family that holds together through thick and thin. This is the added value that makes Def Leppard even higher than the already big in the music sense. So Def Leppard are not attractive only to listen, but their concert into an experience of integration, which are passed on to the audience. Unforgettable.

By Rock Line 2015 - Translated.


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