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Thursday, 27th May 2015

Offenbach, Germany - Media Reviews

Def Leppard in Offenbach: much adrenaline in the veins By Maximillian Steiner | Original

"Def Leppard" Jahrhunderthalle last had blessed - 12 years ago. Now they came up with a Best Of in the sold-out Stadthalle Offenbach.

Even the Metal band "Star Riders" conjured nostalgia of past, in the memories idealized times: Is it still in the led by Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham ensemble cast around the core of today's "Thin Lizzy". Since the traditional "Whiskey in the Jar" could not be missing.

"Def Leppard" set with a compact package from its heyday to look back at the glorious past seamlessly continued. When reconciliation is canned "Will not Get Fooled Again" from "The Who". Then hit "Def Leppard" at the opening of the imperative: "Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) "it resounds in decibels far above the standard of the public address system. The majority of middle-aged male audience responds to call only too happy. Finally, the long-time fans were still in their teens, as the instrumental inspired by British hard rock and glam pop of the early '70s quintet from Sheffield salvation sought in the United States and also found: Clever arranged song extracts from albums bestsellers with millions of copies as "High' N 'Dry "('81)," Pyromania "('83)," Hysteria "('87) and" Adrenalize "('92) determine the current repertoire of the quintet, which also repeatedly deep at its worldwide Höhenflug years ago valleys the tears had to cross: Already in the early stages of Ur-guitarist Pete Willis was replaced because of alcohol problems through the muskelgestählten, always appearing shirtless Phil Collen. 1984 lost drummer Rick Allen in a traffic accident his left arm, which nevertheless did not prevent him to comply by means of a special model to date of his duty. Died in 1992 guitarist and founding member Steve Clark to a drug overdose. He was replaced by Vivian Campbell, who was suffering in recent years from a Hodgkin's lymphoma disease.

The fatalities has named after a corruption of Anglizismus Deaf Leopard belt withstood and acts in 38th career year in no way tired, bored or even disgusted. With neat Schmackes rush Joe Elliott and Co. through songs like "Foolin '", "Love Bites" and "Rocket" - perfectly lined with three-dimensional background projections. Crisp also cover "Rock On" by David Essex. Elliott served with "Two Steps Behind" an acoustic solo. Rick Savage delivers a delicate bass solo. Without Elliott, the troupe is raging through the instrumental "Switch 625". Then it's already lascivious "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Two additional samples from "Pyromania", "Rock Of Ages" and "Photograph", to "Def Leppard" goodbye.

By Frankfurter New Press 2015 - Translated.


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