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Joe Says Def Leppard Consider New Album One Of Their Best

Tuesday, 27th October 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Milwaukee radio earlier tonight and mentioned the new album.

Joe talked about playing in the winter, Let It Go/the High 'n' Dry album, working with Mutt Lange, the band's early days in Sheffield, the changes in the music industry, the success of the 2015 US tour, the new 2015 studio album, the style of the band's music and the 2016 Hysteria On The High cruise.

Joe talks about the new album and explains once again how they came up with the title and the cover art.

Listen to the full 19 minute interview below.

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Joe And Borna - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The New Studio Album

"The period of our career where we are now to have delivered an album that we consider to be one of the best bits of work that we've done - ever. I'm not suggesting for a second it's as good as Hysteria. That's for other people to decide but what I am saying is that I think it is a very good and accomplished bit of work. It's not just a oh let's just put a record out and see what happens. We really just fell on our feet with this one in the way the songs came together. The attitude of the band in the studio. We didn't labour over it. It was very natural."

"It's the only album we've ever made for no reason. You know we weren't signed to a deal. Where it's 'Oh we need the album delivered by Christmas'. There was none of that. We just did it as a piece of art like some guy standing in front a canvas with a paint brush. We just worked at it until we were happy. And then we put it up on the auction block and say right who wants it?. It was - it's just an incredible feeling of freedom to make a record that way and you can hear it in the grooves. You really can."

Def Leppard Album Title

"Yeah it was something that we've never thought about until it got mentioned you know. When we were - we'd worked on a few of these songs and everybody went home to their respective places around the world and you know you'd meet up with your own individual friends. And they'd say so come on then tell us what does it sound like?. And we were finding out after the event. We were all kind of saying to people. It sounds like Def Leppard you know."

"So we got back together and we realised we'd all been saying this you know subconsciously. Phil Collen just said well let's just call it Def Leppard then. You know and we all looked at him and went, yeah that's great. Why not, we've never done it. And you know we can always do it again because Peter Gabriel's got like four albums called Peter Gabriel. It made a lot of sense that we didn't have to them like - oh we need artwork that's gonna tie in with the title of - that you know you're putting a lot of weight on one song to give it a title track. It better be damn good. So we said well we'll just take the weight off any one song and just put the weight on the band and just call the album Def Leppard. It sums up who we are in 2015. It's got every aspect of what we've been, what we'd like to be and who we'd like to become. All in that 55 minutes of music."

Album Artwork

"And you know artwork wise it was dead easy to just say. Come up with something that tied in with who we are. You know we made the logo the main thing but them the broken glass effect was just supposedly like an implosion from inside a building outwards - it's like BOOM that's the sound of a Def Leppard record shooting out of the studio. And you know it worked for us and we're very happy with the fact that we've done this."

"What we've done with this record is we have allowed ourselves to stretch our wings a little bit. You know the song Let's Go absolutely sounds like classic Def Leppard from the Let's Get Rocked, Sugar kind of songwriting way of thinkign if you like. And Dangerous the second track that we've kind of leaked out there if you want. Has a kind of a feel of Photograph or a Promises. That's what we do."